Bring Lennox Home.
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Bring Lennox Home.

    1. Clare Cassar
    2. Petition by

      Clare Cassar

      Cheltenham, United Kingdom

On the 19th May, 2010, The brutal reality of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) interrupted the Barnes' happy lives, devastating Brooke, their 11 year old daughter. Lennox, their 5 year old American Bulldog Cross, was seized by police after a dog warden came to the house days earlier, saw the dog, and claimed it was a "pit type".

Lennox lived happily with the Barnes family and his two other canine companions before this day and never put a single paw out of place.  He had been registered with the dog license bureau for the past 5 years of his life, in addition to being insured, neutered, DNA registered, Pet Safe Registered and microchipped.

Two years prior, wardens visited another family member's home who owned a male pup from the same litter, yet were told that their dog was not a Pit Bull; the same warden that seized Lennox apologised for wasting their time. The only difference between the two dogs is that Lennox is black in colour and his brother is brown.

As of November 11th, 2010, Lennox has been held in prison, for 177 days, 0 hours and 56 minutes and counting. His family is heartbroken and worried as Lennox suffers a medical condition that his owners do not know whether he's being treated for.


It's now become apparent that on the day Belfast City Council seized innocent Lennox they produced a warrant of seizure, the warrant Belfast City Council Dog Wardens produced was not only the wrong type of warrant for a seizure but completely for another address at another part of Belfast. In actual fact Belfast City Council removed Lennox illegally... They stole him!

Instead of admitting they have made yet another major blunder in this case and returning Lennox to his home Belfast City Council have instead decided to throw vast amounts of cash at this case by flying so called dog breed experts from mainland UK in an aid to secure a death sentence for Lennox and hopefully by winning their case Belfast City Council Dog Wardens department can cover up the major continuous errors and lies they have made and told regarding Lennox's case.

Please take action to urge Belfast City Council and the Lord Mayor to release Lennox back to his family.


Lennox's last court hearing scheduled for Nov 23rd was adjourned 'till Dec 7th as the solicitor representing him dropped the case at the last minute. A top notch replacement is currently being sought.

A Paypal donation link on the FB "Save Lennox" page has been set up for donations towards new legal representation.


It's with sadness and a heavy heart to have to report that Lennox won't be home for Christmas. 

Due to the ineptness and lack of urgency by the former legal representation for the case having not passed information and paperwork onto the Barnes' new legal representation (even though no fees were outstanding) that the case has been adjourned AGAIN to Febuary 1st 2011.

Please visit the FB page and please click on the DONATE tab to offer assistance for the case. Any extra funds after the legal fees for Lennox's case are paid with hopefully go towards suing the BCC.


The case is again adjourned to late MARCH!!!

Photo Credit: by kind permission from Caroline Barnes

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    • Dianne McGonigle DURHAM, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      BSL (BullSh*tLaw) needs to be abolished. Authorities need to spend the tax payer’s money on the real problem: the despicable people who hold dog fights, the ones who breed them for fights, the ones who train them and the abusers of this beautiful breed. It’s been proven time and time again BSL does not work and even after the abuse some of these dogs have been thru, they are able to be rehabilitated, some even become therapy dogs (they are known as the nanny breed). The persecution of family pets must stop… but after all is said and done, I guess it’s easier/safer to seize a dog that’s licking your face instead of addressing the criminal element in all of this. Educate yourself!! It’s the dog that is vicious, not the breed. BAN BSL

    • paula corry BELFEST, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 3 years ago

      belfast city dog wardens eh , what lovely people . . . NOT ! Give lennox back to his family , he is innocent (unlike you lot at bcc) . Akita attacks a dog warden in londonderry ,he gets 28 stitches & the owner gets a £500 fine & is allowed to keep her dog . poor lennox never harmed anyone but yet he is seized & locked away. Where is the justice here ?Send lennox home now !

      • over 3 years ago

      This is disgusting, not only has this poor darling dog been taken away from from his loving family for doing NOTHING wrong!! But is being kept in appalling conditions. PLEASE let him go back home where he belongs. Why make an innocent dog suffer for no reason, Animals have rights feelings as well as humans.

    • tracy worden PRESTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 3 years ago

      my sister owns a staff/lab cross that looks almost identical to lennox... surely dna tests can be done to prove his heritage... taking a disabled child's pet away is disgraceful :(

    • Leanne Scott CO. MEATH, IRELAND
      • over 3 years ago

      this is absolutely disgusting! Poor puppy :(


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