Bring' s Original site back!
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Bring' s Original site back!

    1. Christopher Lewis
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      Christopher Lewis

      Lakewood, CA

"More than 2.5 million people now visit to take action each month, and we’re growing at more than 150,000 new members per month." beta blog

" has had more than 100 victories since launching their campaign tools. On December 29, 2010 recorded it's largest petition to date titled "South Africa: Declare 'Corrective Rape' a Hate-Crime." It has received 141,317 signatures as of January 23,2010, with a goal of 150,000 set by Luleki Sizwe a non-profit organization."-wikipedia

WOW!!!! has really blossomed this past year because of 50/50 staff and the members like me!!! we did it together.But lets not lose sight of why?. The unique layout,the emphasis on the articles first,the badge levels for which petition signed most, the beauty of the atmosphere,and lest we forget the sheer ease of finding everything so is a site of motivation the more you see the more you want to do.Appearance is everything so lets keep our unique style that got us this far.Lets keep our image and change this world to a democracy.But first we have to agree together.And we all want simple back with all it's glory for the people!

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    2. J I
      by J I
      Petition Organizer

      Hey folks, thanks for the feedback.

      We haven't taken away the articles that helped make what is today, they are all still available at and all the causes are still there, linked on the right hand side.

      And you're 127% right, we couldn't have done what we have without the amazing community that has gathered here. The badges, the ability to thank other users for what they are doing, the ease of finding actions and information. It's all been integral to attracting some of the best community activists out there to , but we're far from done with adding everything back in which is why it's still a "Beta" release.

      Unfortunately the old layout stopped us from implementing a lot of incredibly powerful tools and features to help you connect with other activists, users, organizations and ultimately with real social change. We have a long way to go yet to get to where we want to be, but believe me, when we get there, there will be no stopping this community and what it can do to really change the world.

      I hope you stick around and help as grows to something even better!

      In the mean time, any of you can always reach out to me directly at and we can chat about what made the old so amazing and how we can make sure we keep that and improve on it moving forward.


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    • Mary Acosta BALDWIN PARK, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I agree that the old CO was better. I don't like to comment b/c Im afraid I can't edit. I've heard about hacking going on and its too bad that my oldest friends cannot be heard anymore.

    • Ani L. Schwartz ARROYO SECO, NM
      • over 3 years ago

      oops --- code booboo - sorry ---- did not mean to make the entire last half of that boldface.

    • Ani L. Schwartz ARROYO SECO, NM
      • over 3 years ago

      I was willing to give the new "beta" system the benefit of the doubt when it was first installed BUT, after working with it for awhile, I no longer think it is worth it.

      We are losing some of our BEST members and recruits while the site fumbles n fiddles around trying to get things working.

      i.e., I see that MANY people on my recruiting list who used to be VERY ACTIVE EVERY DAY have not taken ANY actions for "about a month" now.

      This is heart breaking because it is destroying a LOT of work that many of us have done over a number of YEARS --- and it is the kind of work that is not easily made up for (if it can be made up for AT ALL in too many cases).

      How long is this going to take? It has been WAY too long already. Meanwhile "Where are we going and what is this hand-basket?" ~ Jim Hightower

      All this talk about fantastic new features that are supposed to help us network better when some of our best and most important networking tools have been taken away from us and the few remaining tools are AT LEAST 50%+ DYS-FUNCTIONAL is ridiculous, besides driving the poor tech staff nuts!

      In spite of a few of the glitches on the old system, it was FAR better for the itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy minority of TRULY ACTIVE members (and I imagine for others as well IFF they bothered to visit anything besides "FEATURED" actions which they receive an email action alert for from CO, a tool that individual recruiters do not have access to).

      I see we are losing more members everyday, new and old, because it is just too tedious to work here anymore, our sense of community is destroyed by taking away Comment Walls and Compliments channels, and none of the FEW remaining networking tools works properly, wasting everyone's time and efforts.

      Removing tools because "The vast majority of power users simply didn't feel the items added significant value to the site and they(sic) tools were being used by less that %1 of our users:" ~ helpdesk is a LAME EXCUSE when the "vast majority" of "users" is almost never present!


      Cannot even read an action without that obnoxious SIGN PETITION / RECRUIT SUPPORTERS BOX insisting on covering up IMPORTANT text unless one opens to full screen view (which is very impractical for many tasks many of us USED to do regularly).

      About the only "benefit" and "fun" I have found so far is that I have learned both the old and new formatting codes for when the petition tool formatting is not working (which is MORE OFTEN THAN WHEN IT IS WORKING) . . . and BTW, these codes also work in all the text boxes I have been able to try them on and check the results.

      Speaking of formatting codes, even the formatting code on the old system was far better because it was SIMPLER and more obvious. I would post the codes here but you could not see em . . .

      And the petition tool no longer consistently copies URLs or LINKs such that they work either.

      My list of DYS-FUNCTIONS is growing so long that it would be impossible to address all the details without sacrificing a lot of other important things, both here on CO and in my personal life.

      This used to be the greatest place to work with the best petition tool I have seen.

      Now it is just a tedious, time-consuming, irritating chore, with one obstacle after another.

      And just when ya think ya know all the problems to anticipate in order to work EFFICIENTLY, up pops another handful to disrespectfully waste more precious time.

      If I were the "cynical" type or had tendencies towards conspiracy theorism (one of the new "religions"), I would think that CO was trying to drive away its TRULY ACTIVE members who really DO "make a difference" in exchange for the "power users" and sleepwalkers, the vast majority of the latter of whom hardly even visit CO! and certainly do not get involved with the community here or recruit or participate in any other networking activities.

      "Don't Think of an Elephant"!!!! ~ George Lakoff

      Has CO $old its "§oul" to the "lowest common denominator" (IOW, $$$) like Huffington Post recently did???

      Sooooooooooooo SAD!!!!

      ©€L§c}{vv@^+z™ .•*¨`*♥ ,`; ~ <

    • L M PINE, AZ
      • over 3 years ago

      Please bring back. Thank you.

    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      I don't like the incessant changes, either, or that the Powers That Be at don't appear to care what the members think and don't give the members a heads up re how to navigate the new changes. It would also be nice to be able to comment on proposed changes, but ever since exiled Justin to Siberia, the only one who responds is the arrogant Arturo Holloway, who messes up everything he touches and then deems that all is well in the Land of OZ! In addition, Arturo the Magnificent has sent some rude form letters to some mebers accusing the concerned members of of spamming him when he is the one spamming and threatening the members!

      Bring back Justin and send Arturo to Siberia - that is if the Russians will take him - LOL! Or. perhaps send him to Iran or Red China, where he'd fit right in...


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