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bring back the old cartoon network

CN bring back cartoons from the mid 90-06 the old logo commercials Toonami

    1. Kayla Carver
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      Kayla Carver


CN is NOT for live action T.V show's it for Cartoon's and I have seen many people who want the old classic's back. For the sake of our next generation!I want the old cartoon network back shows like fosters home for imaginary friends courage the cowardly dog camp lazlo the powerpuff girls teen titans and Toonami. I basicaly want the shows that were on Cartoon Network in the mid 90's to 2006 around there to come back. Also I want Toonami and Cartooncartoons to come back I miss coming home from school or not even being old enough for school I would sit down in front of the T.V and watch. But now Cartoon network has live action shows and cartoon network is for CARTOONS. So please bring the old cartoon network back. Also the old logo and the amazing awesome cool funny commercials. Thanks. please sign if you want CN from the mid 90's to around 2004-2006 to come back!

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