Bring Back Chief Illiniwek to the University of Illinois
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Bring Back Chief Illiniwek to the University of Illinois

    1. Proud Illinois Student
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      Proud Illinois Student

      Urbana, IL

Banning the symbol from the University of Illinois not only rids the school of its prided tradition, but also denies the honor that the symbol brings to the great Illiniwek Confederacy.

You do not need to be a currently enrolled student at the Univesity of Illinois, or even an alum. Anyone who supports the Chief should sign this!

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    • Anton Aubel CHANDLER, AZ
      • about 1 month ago

      Chief Illiniwek was not created to be racist toward Native Americans. He was created as a tribute to the area, the Illiniwek people and the Indians that lived in the area. By taking away the mascot you have now ruined their pride. Now this distinguished university have lost their identity. Now they are suppose to rally around and I for a logo. That's just terrible and unacceptable and needs to change.

    • Rachel Tillman URBANA, IL
      • 9 months ago

      The Chief could be a wonderful way to raise money for Native American education, as many kids on a reservation do not have the money to go to college. This is also a very honorable and respectful tradition that brought students from many different races and backgrounds together.

    • Brian O'Donnell DEERFIELD, IL
      • 9 months ago

      As a proud Illini, I find it profoundly hypocritical that we're banned from our mascot while schools like FSU can keep theirs simply because they have a tribe to pay. The Chief was a wonderful and respectful tradition and we demand him back.

    • United States of America HIGHLAND PARK, IL
      • 10 months ago

      Chief Illiniwek is a symbol that serves as an honorable representation of the University of Illinois. The Illini, as a confederation of many native tribes, are a perfect parallel to a University where students of many diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures are once again uniting on this land to work together. Although the chief’s regalia was not modeled after the Illini tribe, the symbol has always presented itself with honor, pride, and respect: qualities which reflect positively in our school and community, and qualities which were held strongly in the hearts of our ancestors, who toiled to make this state great, and whom would be proud to see that we have tried to keep those ideals in place. The lack of the chief is a slap in the face to our community and the alumni to whom the symbol means so much, and the symbol’s return would do far more good for our community than its lack of offense. Totally expunging every reference to native people is not the way to educate people about Native American culture. Although the symbol may be inaccurate, it has a deep connection with millions, and can be used to educate people on Native culture far more than the hate-filled insults and hypocrisy of the anti-chief minority.

    • Robert Margetts GLEN ELLYN, IL
      • 10 months ago

      Heritage and tradition are import part rembering our past. With out these we have no foundation to base future beliefs on. Illinois is filled with American Indian history. There is no reason to surpess it or hide it.


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