Bring Andy Home! Don't Deport Andy Maytum Away from His Wife
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Bring Andy Home! Don't Deport Andy Maytum Away from His Wife

    1. Jennifer Towns
    2. Petition by

      Jennifer Towns

      Orlando, FL

November 2011


Andy Maytum, a retired Royal Navy veteran who was placed in deportation proceedings after a minor traffic stop and whose step-daughter is serving abroad in the military, spent six months in detention away from his wife Kim. She never gave up the fight, even after Immigration and Customs Enforcement tried to force Andy onto a plane several times. Feeling inspired by the love she witnessed, Kim’s friend Jennifer Towns started a petition to bring Andy home to Kim.

And just a couple days before Thanksgiving, Kim received some overwhelming news: After more than 1,500 people signed Jennifer’s petition, Andy was released from detention and will spend the holiday with the love of his life. 

UPDATE: 11/4: From Andy's wife, Kim: "Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster that ended in a nightmare. Early in the day, I received a phone call informing me that ICE was finally going to accept Andy's application for a stay of deportation. I was so happy when I thought Andy's case would be reviewed so he could come back home to his family, where he belongs. Instead, late last night, ICE agents marched Andy to a plane that would deport him and destroy our life together. He was handcuffed, shackled, and waist-chained so it was more difficult to resist getting on the plane.  Andy was polite, but he firmly refused to board the plane. Andy is not a criminal. He is a loving husband and father, a Royal Navy veteran, and a small business owner, and an inspiration to my daughter in the US Navy overseas.

We are terrified that Andy could be deported any day - but you all have the power to help us stop it. Call David Bradley, ICE Field Office Supervisor and 954-545-6031 & tell him: "Please stop the deportation of Andy Maytum, "A number" 201-236-114. His wife needs him home and he's done nothing to deserve deportation. Thank you."

Then call again. And tell friends to call and sign our petition. We need every voice we can get!! Thank you so much for your support. It could save our family. 

URGENT 11/3: We are hearing that Andy may be deported TODAY! Please help stop the deportation of a retired Navy officer and loving husband by signing and sharing this petition with everyone you know.

Love conquers all.  So cliche, but so true. When you have the love of your life by your side loving and supporting you, it is like you can fly. You can take on the world. You can live!  When your partner isn't there, you lose a piece of yourself, a part of you becomes lost and nothing else can make you 'whole' until you are together again. 

Such is the case for very dear friends of mine.  Kim is a hardworking American. She was born and raised in this country, and loves everything it stands for. Except that she is being kept away from the man she loves more than life itself, her husband, Andy Maytum (A # 201-236-114), a British citizen. 

Andy came over here on a visa after following the proper channels, like most visitors do.  He was a law abiding member of the community, and met the love of his life, Kim here.  They met at a small town bar, and as a gesture commemorating their love, she later purchased the establishment, and he assisted with the operations in it.  They got the necessary licenses.  They paid the appropriate taxes.  They followed the rules.

And now, he is facing deportation. When the two traveled to his home country for a vacation recently, Kim was star struck, and he played the gracious host to her, and put off filling out the appropriate paperwork to extend his visa back in America.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  When he didn't complete in time and returned to America with Kim, he told her he needed to go home and do the paperwork, but she was overwhelmed with the idea of trying to manage the business here without him at the time, and begged him not to leave her.  And he intended only to delay the necessary trip across the ocean only for a bit.

But that reality never had a chance. As we fast forward, he is being detained in Miami, away from his wife and his life.  His step daughter is proudly serving in the U.S. Navy, where she was deployed to Japan for three years.  He did not get to see her off because of his detainment.  Andy himself proudly served overseas in Britain's Royal Navy, and the last 8 years of that service was in direct service to the Queen on the royal yacht, Britannia.  He certainly understands pride, honor, and commitment to the people and places that have become a part of him.

All he needs is some time to fix some paperwork negligence on his part.  He is not a criminal. He loves his wife and this wonderful country, and wants to share it all with her.  Help reunite them.

He has been detained, for the most part without many details about the timeframe involved and with minimal help AVAILABLE TO HIM to resolve his status issues legally.  So what the signatures I hope to collect here say is,: "Free Andy!  Allow him to return to his business and his life, and allow him to contribute to this great country!"

All we want for him is the time to fix some paperwork. Help show your faith in this man and this country by allowing this quiet and productive business owner to return to the life he began building here. Help Andy come home to the friends, patrons, and loving wife that support him!

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    1. A momentary reprieve!

      Jennifer Towns
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks everyone for your support! Andy is now at home reunited with his wife Kim, and will follow up as required in January to resolve this issue and hopefully put this behind them once and for all! All of their friends and family are happy that they are able to spend the holidays at home together, appreciating the simple joys in life during this memorable holiday season.

    2. Reached 1,500 signatures
    3. 1370 Supporters!

      Jennifer Towns
      Petition Organizer

      We are getting more exposure now for this unfortunate situation. I hope that those of you who have ever experienced or seen someone you care about go through the agony of separation continue to pray for all those in these tough situations. Even though, alone they are tiny, when many voices come together, it makes people stop and think, and listen. Thanks for continuing to bring support and prayers to a loving couple yearning to be together once again!

    4. "UK Vet, Father of US Navy Member Faces Deportation"

      Jackie  Mahendra
      Petition Organizer

      Andy's story hits ImmigrationProf Blog as the petition reaches 1,000 signatures. Please spread the word and keep signing. Unfortunately, Andy could still be deported any minute, even though he has filed for a stay of deportation.

    5. Reached 1,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Star Gazer DICKINSON, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Nothing justifies the separation of families...NOTHING! Even God opposes such an act..."let no one separate man and wife". Hey, Congress...Hey Mr. President...Hey People...stop this nonsense! Do you realise what you are doing to the children, parents and families? What kind of values do you believe you have??? How can you look yourself in the mirror or your children when you know that you have separated hundreds of thousands of families apart. There is no justification for this...NON whatsoever. When a law hurts people/families than that law needs to be changed and fast. Even Almighty changes His mind...Don't you see what you are doing to families and chidren? What does America stand for anymore???

    • Hilda Penuelas NORTH HILLS, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am so happy for Andy and Kim! _ I am also going through something similar, I am hoping that enough people make the calls to John Morton's office on behalf of my soon to be husband Hector Ortega-Valladares for him to be released so he can take care of his paperwork to legalize his status in the U.S. and to receive the medical care needed to rehabilitate his fractured arm that he incurred while under the custody of ICE. My petition is titled _ICE Let this injured cancer survivor come home to his family in California. Please read about it. Again Congratulations Andy and Kim!

      • almost 3 years ago

      Because this guy is one of the hardest working men I know, he is in a loving relationship and he needs to be with his family.

      • almost 3 years ago

      Andy and myself served together onboard HMY Britannia, during that time he proved to be an honest, thoughtful and supportive friend, i will never forget when i returned home after a 4 month tour of duty, only to find that my partner had left me, so andy being andy he stayed with me for a couple of weeks to cheer me up, this i will never forget, and also shows the type of person he is. Andy im thinking of you mate, cheers Jess Owens

    • Taff Crompton NEATH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 3 years ago

      Keep him, cos we dont want him!!!!! No,seriously, its red tape gone mad yet again!


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