Start a City Food Forest Initiative to Increase Food Security; and Grant Relief to Sean Law from all Orders and Fines from the Special Magistrate.
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Brian D. Sackett
Special Magistrate
Amy Goodblatt
Deputy Mayor
Joe Durso
Commissioner, District 1
John C. Maingot
Commissioner, District 3
Bob Cortes

Start a City Food Forest Initiative to Increase Food Security; and Grant Relief to Sean Law from all Orders and Fines from the Special Magistrate.

    1. Shon Law
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      Shon Law

      Longwood, FL

The Freedom to Grow Life and Food on Our Land is a Natural Right and Should Not Be Abridged by the Government. As most of us live in Food deserts in collapsed ecosystems, growing Food Forests everywhere now is a really good idea. You can grow lots of your daily items of use, too, and trade within your community.

I have more than 15 fruit trees and tons of annuals growing in the front and back, and have discovered a really fun and easy method leveraging seedballs and natural farming to turn lawns into baby food forests : )  I'm happy to share it with you. Here's a video teaching you how:

However, I've been persecuted and fined more than $130,000 by the City of Longwood, FL for nature gardening and using life-friendly methods to grow a biodiverse food producing ecosystem with my land at my homestead.

If we don't have the Freedom to Grow Life and Food where we are, then we have no Freedom at all, for Liberty depends on Life. We also will continue to be unable to free ourselves of factory farming dependence if our own local governments oppress us when we grow.

Many millions of people are oppressed in this way every year. For this reason, let us begin Growing Food Forests everywhere. It's our Natural Right, and a great way to start Growing Harmony, Wealth and Health in our Communities. This is one step to giving voice on this issue as we fight for Our Freedom to Grow Our Lives Together.

Here is what I said to the Longwood City Commissioners last week: ;

Please sign and pass on! We don't have much time.

Thank you for your help!

For Life & Liberty,

Sean Law

Brian D. Sackett, Mayor
Amy Goodblatt, Special Magistrate
Joe Durso, Deputy Mayor
John C. Maingot, Commissioner, District 1
Bob Cortes, Commissioner, District 3
Grant Relief to Sean Law from all Orders and Fines from the Special Magistrate; and begin a City food forest initiative to live in greater harmony with Nature and greatly increase food security.

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    • Blaise Gauba TORRANCE, CA
      • 27 days ago

      First of all...FV< government bureaucrats who only FV< things...including life as we know it...and ignore their backward an corporate biased laws. I've been saying this for a while now...but everyone needs to take this planet back from the criminal banksters and the handful (compared to the general population of this planet) of billionaire and millionaire families (the members of the Bilderberg, Illuminati, the Black Nobility, the Committee of 300, the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations], i.e., the Global Elite) and start squatting on whatever damned land you damned well please. Because THAT is what THEY do! They steal land all the time! The FV< themselves. SQUAT!

    • Angela Lang CHINA SPRING, TX
      • 2 months ago

      This issue impacts every single being on this planet. Food is our inalienable right, and as such, nobody, in any position of authority - has enough of any kind authority to deny us this right. Period.

    • Become vegan, and think like a hero, think like a real human, free of hearts of stone, gain true hearts. Escape the culture of death and slavery. Christ said 'be you harmless as doves'.

      We have the right to redress government. Persecuting Mr. Law is wrong. Stop being a bully government.

      Growing food forests is a wonderful healthy lifestyle. Stop persecuting decent lifestyles.

    • Tristan Figueroa-Reid ORLANDO, FL
      • 3 months ago

      We should all have a right to grow our own food!

    • Rodney MacDonald LEESBURG, FL
      • 3 months ago

      Diversity is a necessity


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