Cancel their planned "Silicon Valley" reality show
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Cancel their planned "Silicon Valley" reality show

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      Chris O'Brien

      Oakland, CA

Reality TV in general is a pox on humanity. It preys on individuals' lack of self esteem and their desire for the easiest path possible to any type of fame and celebrity. Reality TV then puts them in contrived situations where conflict is manufactured but sold as "reality." The results degrade the people who are featured, and erodes the soul of every person who watches.

Now, Bravo has chosen to inflict this sadistic entertainment on Silicon Valley. The creators claim its aim is to celebrate entrepreneurism and innovation. Clearly, based on the preview clip, this sentiment is entirely phony:

Help us send a message to Bravo: Kill this show dead before it gets one inch closer to broadcast. Save the chuckleheads who have been picked to appear from humiliating themselves. And keep Silicon Valley's credibility from suffering an unnecessary blow from these exploitive idiots.

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