End Florida's sister state relationship with Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
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End Florida's sister state relationship with Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

    1. Malcolm Brenner
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      Malcolm Brenner

      Punta Gorda, FL

Like many Floridians, I am shocked and horrified by the cruelty of the annual dolphin drive hunts in the town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Please cancel Florida's sister state relationship with Wakayama Prefecture until Taiji ends its dolphin drive hunts.  In Florida, we like to see our dolphins swimming wild and free in our harbors and offshore waters.  We do not harass them, capture them for entertainment purposes or butcher them for meat.  The overwhelming body of scientific evidence gathered over the past 60 years conclusively shows that dolphins are the second most intelligent creatures on Earth, after human beings.  They have language, dialects, cultures, name themselves and recognize themselves in a mirror.  They suffer even as we humans do.  Floridians do not support the brutal, cruel and lethal exploitation of dolphins for profit and do not support their capture for display in marine attractions.  We therefore respectfully ask you, as director of Florida's sister state program, to end our official relationship with Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, until such time as the prefecture government stops issuing permits for the annual dolphin drive hunt.  This will send a clear and unmistakable message to the Japanese public, who are largely unaware of the drive hunts, that this brutal treatment and exploitation of our marine cousins is intolerable and must cease as soon as possible.

Rick Scott, Governor of Florida
End Florida's sister state relationship with Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

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    2. Petition seeks to end dolphin drive hunts

      Malcolm Brenner
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      Author’s petition to end Japanese dolphin kill nets 400 signatures
      (PUNTA GORDA, Fla.) – A Florida writer’s Change.org petition aimed at ending Japan’s annual dolphin hunt has reached the 400-signature mark and is still growing. “I’m waiting, and hoping, for it to go viral,” the writer, Malcolm J. Brenner, said. “It’s the only real chance we have of sending a message the Japanese government cannot ignore.”

      The petition urges Brad Piepenbrink, an executive officer in Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s international affairs office, to end Florida’s “sister state” relationship with Wakayama, the Japanese prefecture where the town of Taiji is located. Taiji is the site of the annual, six-month-long “dolphin drive hunts” in which hundreds of dolphin families are brutally corralled by local fishermen in a small cove. The best specimens are sold to the international marine aq

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    • Sherri Hunt UNIVERSAL CITY, TX
      • 30 days ago

      How can America have a relationship with a city that allows this to happen, even supporting it! We know better now, the tradition must end!!!

    • Wei-Lin Chang MILLBRAE, CA
      • 3 months ago

      makes me sad to see the way Dolphins are treated

    • Travis Edwards AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      Dolphins are amazing beings, stop murdering them people.

    • Meryl Pinque BANGOR, UNITED STATES
      • 5 months ago

      Nonhuman animals are sentient beings.

      Stop use: go vegan.

    • Hugh Brenner ARDMORE, PA
      • 5 months ago

      Since the State of Florida has been so closely associated with dolphins and media portrayals of their intelligence and wisdom, it is all the more important Floridians make a stand against cruel and brutal treatment of these aquatic friends.


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