boycott nancy grace

    1. matthew rowe
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      matthew rowe

      leitchfield, KY

.society doesnt need her on the airways because of her negitivity and rudeness and she only cares about herself and her opionionss

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      • over 3 years ago

      Nancy Grace is a liar and goes out of her way to create hate and ignorance to fact. She should be removed from the network entirely.

    • Brandy Mincey PALMBAY, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      I agree 100% with what Michelle F. said! Take Nancy Grace off the air, so the hate can die down! Some of her comments are just plain senseless, and only said to create more drama and blood-thirst. There are enough hateful people in this world, we don't need them on our airwaves, brain-washing people. I fear for the "vengence" she seems to seek towards Casey Anthony. Just because Nancy Grace says it, does not mean it's true!

    • Michelle Franklin PALM BAY, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      Everyone deserves the right to have freedom of speech, but when that begins to cross the lines on human safety, something needs to be done. The things that Nancy Grace is saying about Casey Anthony are not only mainly her opinion but they are causing people to want to bring harm to Casey Anthony and the Juriors. Basically this is telling people to ignor the evidence and go with your gut feeling only. The law and the justice system then mean nothing. There goes ever getting a fair trial. So who in there right mind would want to be on a high profile Jury? Not without fearing for your life. When someone takes the spotlight so to speak and says people listen to me I speak the truth, something needs to be done about Casey Anthony because I (Nancy Grace) think she is guilty and since we didn't get justice in a court of law, let's take things into our own hands. Well when people start to take notice and take on the same belief because that's what they heard on television, now you have people saying well Nancy Grace says we need to do something about this "take justice into our own hands". We now have mob mentality and that means Casey Anthony and all of those Juriors should fear for there safety or there lives. No one should be on national television who is driving the masses toward violance towards one or multiple persons. I am not saying that what happened to Caylee isn't a tragidy. I am saying that we may never know what truly happened to Caylee and we need not speculate. Mark my words if something isn't done soon someone will get hurt and it will be linked to something someone heard on Nancy Grace. Don't let this happen, take Nancy Grace off television before it's too late.

    • matthew rowe LEITCHFIELD, KY
      • over 3 years ago

      i do not hate anyone but i do think that she had stirred up alot of hatred and bad evil feelings towards someone who was innocent and the jury knew that.i dont think we need someone like nancy grace on our television airways spreading lies and getting things stirred up for no reason.


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