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Boycott Florida including Disney World this summer

Prosecute Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin

    1. Marilou Myrick
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      Marilou Myrick

      Cleveland, OH

Boycott Florida this summer. Do not take your children there. They can be shot because some vigilante redneck racist decides they "look suspicious", even though they are walking with home with a bag of skittles & a can of iced tea. And if they get a tan while there....they're dead meat! The Sanford police department say they "have no basis" to arrest the shooter. Every single person of voting age in this country knows that if the child were white, Zimmerman would have been arrested before the gun was cold!

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    • Jessica Frazier SEWANEE, TN
      • over 2 years ago

      Disney and other Florida theme parks have the clout to counteract the NRA's stupid "stand-your-ground" law. If Disney fails to do so, it will, and should, lose business due to a boycott.

    • Joe Price PICO RIVERA, CA
      • over 2 years ago


    • Sheri Hill TUCSON, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      I started a BOYCOTT FLORIDA petition here as well before I realized there were already 3. Good job, everyone! I've been to Florida. Beautiful state. Stupid laws. And I come from another gun crazy state with stupid laws. The NRA is trying to shove guns down our throats on campus at my place of business. And I own a gun! I WILL NOT visit FLORIDA, DISNEYWORLD, go to MIAMI, FLORIDA OR FLORIDA STATE football or basketball games, see the MIAMI HEAT, ORLANDO MAGIC or SPEND ONE DIME on SPRING TRAINING or anything else. I will not even embark on a cruise departing from the state of Florida until George Zimmerman is arrested, the police chief and the first officer on scene Raimondo are fired and this genocidal law is repealed. Neither I (a petite, non-threatening light-skinned African American female) nor my extended family will be visiting the state of Florida. We will not be shot dead in the street, unable to give our side of the non-story, while gun-toting Zimmerman type crazy people say they felt "threatened." Instead, we will spend our money elsewhere. Non-minority Floridians apparently do not want us there. Fine. Our GREEN money won't be there, either. This IS NOT about race, folks. It's about economics. And the state of Florida is about to learn a lesson bigger than hanging chads.


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