• Petitioned Chinese government; trade commissioner

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Central China Trade Commission
Chinese government; trade commissioner
CHARLEY INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD, and board of directors member for hong kong fur federation
charley chan [for real!]
board of directors, hong kong fur federation and CLAVEYSON FUR PROCESSING LTD "dresser"
Mr. William Lam

Boycott Chinese Trade; Horrible! Also kills 2 million cats/dogs skinned alive!!!

    1. Lucy McKernan
    2. Petition by

      Lucy McKernan

      seven hills, OH

When you sign, this goes STRAIGHT to the Chinese gov't trade commission office. Two million cats and dogs, and probably billions of other fur-bearing critters are incomprehensibly abused and suffer before BEING SKINNED ALIVE AND WITH NO ANESTHESIA in China each year. It's time to send a loud and clear message to the damned Chinese bloody gov't, and all other governments, lobbyists, and commercial producers who aid and abet their institutionalized cruelty -- for $15 billion damn dollars annually. Please sign today!





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