Boycott Amazon Until it Hosts WikiLeaks on Its Servers
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Boycott Amazon Until it Hosts WikiLeaks on Its Servers

    1. Charles Davis
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      Charles Davis

      San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

WikiLeaks has exposed official wrongdoing and countless war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, serving as a vital conduit of information the U.S. government has tried to keep hidden from its own citizens -- and which deserves to be free. Yet recently kicked WikiLeaks off its servers all because one politician, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, asked. That's not right.

It should come as no surprise that pro-war American politicians dislike WikiLeaks: it has told the truth about their wars. What is surprising and disappointing is that Amazon would cave to pressure from such politicians and shut down a website on its servers without notice -- and without any apparent concern about the role it was playing as a tool of state censorship.

As a private company, Amazon is of course free to make bad decisions. But the public is also free to shop elsewhere, perhaps with companies a little less willing to stifle speech at the behest of the government. Until Amazon agrees to again host WikiLeaks on its servers -- for free -- no one should do business with a company working hand in hand with the state to silence the truth.

Photo Credit: Leticia Gaidon Bradford

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