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Boston University is protecting man that knew about rapes.
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Erica Manczuk
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Randy Rubinstein
Erika Geeter
Human Resources
Susan Lebovits

Boston University is protecting man that knew about rapes.

    1. Petition by

      Panayiota B

      Boston, MA

People who support rapists should not be working at colleges.

Mr. J. Scott Keene should not continue to be an employee at Boston University because of his long history of abusing his power to promote a culture that is hostile against women. Mr. Keene failed to challenge the misogynistic culture under his command and at times contributed to it.

 J. Scott Keene has a history of creating a work environment that was hostile towards rape survivors while serving in the United States Coast Guard often resulting in survivors being retaliated against and forced out of service. In one tragic case, a woman came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. Captain Keene, not pleased that she reported sexual harassment allowed the woman to be further victimized and retaliated against for reporting the harassment. Captain Keene eventually forced her out of service and she lost her career. As her coping mechanism she would drink to numb the pain. Last year after a night of drinking to lessen the pain caused by Captain Keene the young veteran crashed her car into a tree. The crash killed her.
In anothe rape case from 2006, Keene knowingly allowed a woman to be belittled and further humiliated for being raped. Prior to her arrival at Coast Guard Boston, Captain Scott Keene informed everyone the reason why she was being transferred and made public her confidential rape allegation and rape investigation. Captain Scott Keene forbid her to advance in her career, refused under his command to provide the survivor medical treatment for the rape and delayed her mental health treatment or counseling to deal with the trauma of rape.
Under Captain Keene command this survivor reported that she was sexually assault by friends of her perpetrator, also Coast Guardsmen. The assault happened during work hours on a walkway on base. She was walking between buildings while on work hours and a group of men recognized who she was since Captain Keene informed the entire base that she was the one that was raped. They were angry that she 'snitched on a friend" so they cornered her into the wall and started to rip off her uniform threatening to rape her again and called her a “crazy, lying whore” A witness, another Coast Guardsman passed by and put an end to it before they could go any further. That witness went to report it only to be told that he must forget what he witnessed it if he wants to keep his career in the Coast Guard. Captain Scott Keene was well aware of this and instead of using his power and position to help a shipmate that was raped and later assaulted he instead chose to discharge the rape survivor from service. Captain Scott Keene felt that she was “having problems adjusting to being raped” and therefore she lost her career.
The way that J. Scott Keene dealt with this rape from 2006 is not an isolated case. Another survivor reported similar abuse from J. Scott Keene dating back 17 years prior while he was an Executive Officer aboard CGC Cowslip. This is something that Mr. Keene has done throughout his military career.
Mr. J. Scott Keene is once again in a leadership role this time at Boston University. He manages at least 12 employees and interacts with many more on a daily basis.
We the undersign feel that Mr. J. Scott Keene should not continue to be an employee at Boston University because of his long history of abusing his power to promote a culture that is hostile against women. Mr. Keene failed to challenge the misogynistic culture under his command and at times contributed to it. Mr. Keene has a solid and repetitive history of being a rape apologist often dismissing rape cases under his command and often allowing perpetrators to be sent back into the ranks of the military or the general community to re-commit these offenses. We feel that his seventeen or so years of solid history of creating a hostile work environment is a clear indication that Mr. J Scott Keene should not be managing employees and be once again in a leadership position.

We the undersign feel that J. Scott Keene should be called back onto Active Duty to be court martial for violation of denying one their Constitutional Rights specifically the First and Fifth amendments.  We want Boston University to take serious the alleged crimes against this man and to do what is best for the students, faculty and staff at Boston University and that we feel is to remove this man from Campus. He should not be getting a paycheck from BU!

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    • Adrienne E BURLINGTON, VT
      • about 3 years ago

      What a sicko! Shame on you BU.

    • shirl derro BROCKTON, MA
      • about 3 years ago

      I believe the allegations are true. I am a victim of retaliation directed by him under his command

    • Mary Hoettels WAUWATOSA, WI
      • over 3 years ago

      Individuals do not change their basic personalities. They are threatened by women who are competent and use abusive management styles against women. Having him would infect the the section he is working in and such an individual will stop at nothing to come out on top - literally and physically.

    • John Haefele NASHUA, NH
      • over 3 years ago

      I'm a civ. at base Boston and had many encounters with him and didn't like him but couldn't put my finger on it, now i know why.

    • Rev. Mitchell Hay ESSEX JUNCTION, VT
      • over 3 years ago

      As a Vermonter, a BU School of Theology graduate, and the son of career Naval officer I am appalled that BU has hired this man.


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