Boise Mayor, City Council: End Breed Discrimination in Rentals
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Boise Mayor, City Council: End Breed Discrimination in Rentals

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      Animal World Issues

Boise, Idaho is the capitol of a wonderful state, but anyone looking to move there that happens to own one of the 75 commonly restricted dog breeds will find it hard to actually find a residence. Look anywhere for Apartment/Housing rentals in Boise, and you will likely see "Pet Friendly" on most of the ads, but in small type, many of those statements are followed by the words: "Breed Restrictions Apply"

Restricting breeds is a lot like racism, you ban dogs based on their looks, the looks of their parents, and the looks of other dogs like them. For many years, people in America struggled to have equal rights among people, it's terrible that we are now having to fight the same battle for our pets. 

Over and over again, it has been proven that the breed of a dog doesn't matter; it's the handler of the leash. Any dog can and most likely will misbehave if they are neglected, mistreated, or simply not trained.

In 2011, 18 out of the 32 dog bite fatalities involved a neglectant owner and/or an abused dog. Many of the dogs (68%) that were involved in the bite cases were resident dogs (dogs without owners, dogs left to run free, or otherwise any dog that didn't recieve much, if any, positive human interaction). 

"The interactions between dogs and humans are so numerous and complex that no one factor can possibly be considered, in isolation from any other factors, to be the sole cause. There is no scientific evidence that one kind of dog is more likely to injure a human being than another kind of dog." -The National Canine Research Council 

The American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) has tested over 1500 American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers with a combined passing rate of 85.78%. There are few breeds that scored higher than this, most of those having small test rates (under 10 dogs tested). This shows that these dogs are no more likely to "snap" or have bad behavioral habits than any other dog breed.


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    • Melissa Wedman BOISE, ID
      • about 1 year ago

      I have been looking for a rental in Boise for my boyfriend to move here from Alaska. He owns a 14 yr old Pitbull and an 8 yr old Rottweiler. Both are the best behaved, well trained and gental dogs I have ever met, yet we can't find a place that will take him. He makes a large wage working on the oil rigs, has excellent credit, but the breeds cancel that out. It's very discouraging.

    • Laura A. Valdes-Borsum FREDERICK, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      No breed deserves restriction, it's the humans that need to be restricted!

      • over 1 year ago

      OK !!!!

      • over 1 year ago

      End it, it is cruel and wrong of humans to do these things. Humans are the ones that need discriminating against.

    • yolanda figueroa TAMPA, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      They really should ban the drug dealers and those that display themselves as hard working folks not the dogs!


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