Boehner: Control Spending, Don't Defend DOMA!!
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Boehner: Control Spending, Don't Defend DOMA!!

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Attorney General Eric Holder just told Speaker of the House John Boehner that the Department of Justice would no longer defend the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court cases, maintaining that the 1996 legislation is unconstitutional.

Now it is up to Speaker Boehner, and members of the House, to decide whether to spend taxpayer resources to defend DOMA or focus on the real issues plaguing our country such as foreclosures, health care, unemployment, and the economy.

Speaker Boehner has to make a decision by March 11 as to whether he will turn his attention away from creating jobs and toward upholding an unconstitutional and discriminatory law.

We think the choice is simple -- tell Speaker Boehner to focus on job creation, not discrimination!

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    • Hoyle McCain SARDIS, MS
      • over 3 years ago

      Defending DOMA in the face of other pressing economic issues is homophobia, which is a disease. John Boehner, if you continue to allow your illness to impair your ability to appropriately spend our taxpayer dollars we will give you feedback in the form of votes. Get on the RIGHT side of history and be a positive influence in the inevitable repeal of this discriminatory law. Otherwise your grandchildren will hide their faces in shame at the mention of your name.

    • Leslie Gray OLYMPIA, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      Mr Speaker, the creation of jobs is a far more important issue than the protection of a bad law whose time has come. The sun sets on intolerance and bigotry in any form, including the issue of banning gay marriage.

      What this nation needs is for those in the positions of authority given them by the will of the people of this country to do the jobs they were sent to Washington to do. Create jobs, protect our country. and leave the fate of bad law to the courts and the will of the people.

      Discrimination like DOMA needs to go away just the same as the old segregation laws have done.

      Focus on the real job of putting the people of this nation back to work and forget about the past.

    • Mark Miller LEESBURG, VA
      • over 3 years ago

      Where is the jobs bill? Focus on the real issues plaguing our country such as foreclosures, health care, unemployment, and the economy rather than spending taxpayer money to defend DOMA.

    • Bob Charley SPRING GREEN, WI
      • over 3 years ago

      I have been monogamous with another gentleman for 45 years. we have worked together in the business world, paid taxes, never done drugs, attend church. I am a care giver in our community. We have never been in anyones face regarding our relationship, and have been conservative citizens all these years living in harmony with our neighbors, sound normal? Well it is not.

      It is not for our neighbors have freedoms we are denied, why? Simply because folks do not undetrstand that we did NOT choose to be gay,who would? We were born with this affliction and wish more than anyone that we could have been "normal". We have made the best of a not so good situation for all these years, we could care less about a marriage certificate. We just want to be treated equally to our counterparts and have the same benefits that all other Americans enjoy, is that asking to much? Why are we discrimanated against? We have never so much as hurt a soul, why should we be treaated as though we are monstrous? It is hurtful and extremely un-American, as well as un-Christian. Search your soul, how can you have feelings of hostility regarding us when we do not even know you? May God guide your judgement.


      Bob Charley

    • Irene Yeates SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      The first order of business was to change the definition of rape so that females of any age would be required to fight off their rapist, defund not only women's programs such as Planned Parenthood, but also those that benefit the most needy. Now you want to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to defend DOMA. Who is the leader and who is being led? When will you begin to fulfill your pre-election prophecies that you are more capable of resolving this country's problems than the present administration? I never thought you would and each day proves your entire focus is on capitulating to right-wing patrons who fatten your pockets...Christian or hypocrite?????


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