Board of the Town of North Hempstead: Don't kill North Hempstead's Canada geese
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Jon Kaiman
Town Clerk
Hon. Leslie Gross
Town Board Councilperson District 1
Viviana L. Russell
Town Board Councilperson District 2
Thomas K. Dwyer
Town Board Councilperson District 3
Angelo P. Ferrara
Town Board Councilperson District 4
Anna M. Kaplan
Town Board Councilperson District 5
Lee Seeman
Town Board Councilperson District 6
Dina M. DeGiorgio
Parks and Recreation
Jennifer Fava
Town Attorney
Richard Finkel
Deputy Supervisor
Christopher Senior
Kathleen Mitterway

Board of the Town of North Hempstead: Don't kill North Hempstead's Canada geese

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      GooseWatch NYC

This petition is in response to North Hempstead Town Board's plan to kill the geese this summer.

Canada geese are beautiful, intelligent birds who mate for life, fiercely protect their eggs and young, and display loyalty for other members of their flock. The methods that USDA Wildlife Services uses to kill geese are controversial and widely understood to be grossly inhumane - during the hottest months of the year flightless geese and goslings are corralled, packed into turkey crates and transported to slaughterhouses or gas chambers.

The meat from slaughtered geese is delivered to food banks with a warning label from the Health Department that it should not be consumed more than twice per month because it may have been exposed to environmental contaminants. Eating goose meat can be extremely harmful to one's health. 

There is no scientific basis that geese dropping pose a threat to human health. Killing the geese is counter to public opinion, not how the residents of North Hempstead want tax dollars spent, and a horrid example for children to whom we teach tolerance and co-existence with wildlife.

Killing the geese is not an effective solution, and will only clear the area temporarily as other geese will repopulate the vacant desirable habitat. A long term strategy is required to resolve the conflict.

This unfortunate plan can be avoided by making a commitment of simple steps, such as cleaning up the grass with machines that pick up goose droppings, and making landscape modifications which hamper access to the pond and prevent geese from colonizing the pond’s surrounding area. Migratory geese will leave the area on their own in the spring, local populations that remain through the summer can effectively be controlled.

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    • anthony sperl LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 3 months ago


      • over 1 year ago

      Natasha and Noah Brenner New York City

    • Catherine Syrett HUNTINGTON STATION, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      There are compnies that you can contract with to help disuede the geese to hang out in certain areas. Dogs are trained and used to chese the pirds away only. They do not attck or injure the birds. To throw them in a gas chamber is a mid evil practice, but to then sell the meat to the public? And you do not think the breathing in the gas would contaminate the meat. You are playing a dangerous game with not only the geese and workers who you have corralling them, but you are playing a very dangerous game in selling the meat afterwards. Leave the geese be, or use trained dogs. Simpe solutions

    • Andrew Tait HOT SPRINGS, AR
      • over 1 year ago

      As a rule there are other options rather than killing.

      The question is does the town, the mayor, the town board all parties involve really want to be known for a killing spree launched against such noble and beautiful geese?

      Get me pictures and I will publicize what takes place since the only way to combat killing of wildlife is to reduce the areas revenue by providing the negative publicity they were hoping to avoid.

    • Grace Carlisle SAYVILLE, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      What right do you have to kill innocent geese?


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