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Board of Education, Town of East Haddam, CT.

Standardize grades across schools within the town.

    1. David Cassenti
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      David Cassenti

      Moodus, CT

The children of East Haddam are our most precious resource, and we entrust them to the schools in our town to educate them and help them become positive influences in today's society. As parents of these schoolchildren, we need to understand how they are doing in their classes, academically, socially and behaviorally, so that we can be more involved in their academic lives. However, this is a difficult task when the grading schemes used at the three different schools in town differ so radically from one another. Whereas a "1" in one school represents a student meeting or exceeding the standards, in another school, it represents the lowest possible grade one can get. This creates confusion for parents who have students attending different schools, children who have switched schools and others, and creates an inability to determine the actual performance level of our individual children. In order to be involved parents, we ask that the East Haddam Schools coordinate to develop a coherent grading system that can be used between the schools, one that will help teachers more effectively communicate student performance and allow parents to be more effectively involved in the education of their children.

Board of Education, Town of East Haddam, CT.
Standardize grades across schools within the town.

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    • Michael Stewart EAST HADDAM, CT
      • over 1 year ago

      Parents and children need consistency to understand how to improve their child's education.

    • David Cassenti MOODUS, CT
      • over 1 year ago

      As a parent in East Haddam, I wish to be involved in my children's education. With the current grading systems being so radically different, they provide little information to assist me in working with my children at home.


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