Birthing Rights for Hawaii Families
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Birthing Rights for Hawaii Families

    1. Devahuti Bott
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      Devahuti Bott

      Pahoa, HI

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Petition: State Wide

We want Hawaii Heath Services Corporation and Bay Clinic Inc. to work toward establishing a model of maternity care that brings excellence in obstetrics and nurse midwifery together in the safest setting possible, a hospital. We would like HHSC and Bay Clinic Inc. to investigate the option of having in house birthing centers as well as having an RNICU.

Hawaii Health Services Corporation manages 12 hospitals across Hawaii.

   Maui Memorial Medical Center,  Kula Hospital,   Lanai Community Hospital, Hilo Medical CenterYukio Okutsu State Veterans HomeHale Ho'ola Hamakua,  Ka'u Hospital,  Kauai Veteran Memorial Hospital,  Samuel Mahelona Medical Hospital,  Kona Community HospitalKohala HospitalLeahi HospitalMaluhiaKahuku Medical Center. 

Bay Clinic Inc. manages numerous clinics around the Big Island, including:

Hilo Family Health Center, Ka’u Family Health Center, Pahoa Family Health Center, Kea’au Family Health Center, Hilo Woman’s Health Center, and Pahoa Woman’s Health Center.

            There is much room for improvement in striving for "best practices" in maternity care.  Women deserve to be nurtured, accurately educated, informed, supported, and most importantly safe during all phases of maternity care and regardless of care provider or location. We are aiming for appreciation of the inherent value in natural birth, a staff that can genuinely support it, and simultaneously cultivating an appreciation for the fact that birth doesn’t always work as we plan. In the event of the latter, we aim to have seamless transfer of care with obstetricians that are experts when birth deviates from being normal or safe. 
  Collaborative Care should model Evidenced Based Maternity Care.  This represents the best practices according to research. When done well, outcomes improve, cesarean rates decreases, interventions decrease, VBAC’s are permitted, and greater satisfaction for mothers comes to fruition.  ACOG and ACNM have issued a joint statement advocating for Collaborative Care models: 
“Health care is most effective when it occurs in a system that facilitates communication across care settings and among providers,” according to the joint statement.  “Ob-gyns and CNMs/CMs are experts in their respective fields of practice and are educated, trained, and licensed, independent providers who may collaborate with each other based on the needs of their patients. Quality of care is enhanced by collegial relationships characterized by mutual respect and trust, as well as professional responsibility and accountability.”  Effective Collaborative Care offers both responsible education and appropriate options in a safe environment. We must find a way to offer more competent, responsible, personal care as people who have concerns for the welfare of and respect for those in our community.

            Most hospitals in Hawaii offering the before mentioned model of Collaborative Care with Evidence Based Maternity Care are on Oahu.  That means most of Hawaii does not have access to this type of care. The only Collaborative Care birthing facility in the on the Big Island of Hawaii is highly successful.  So successful that it is now barred to women outside of the North Hawaii due to overflow.  All of Hawaii’s Families deserve better options that represent best practices in maternity care!

Please sign our petition and tell HHSC that that we need birthing centers, starting with Hilo Medical Center that would: 

- Create a place where professionals nurture mothers and babies 

 - Bring excellence in obstetrics and nurse midwifery together

- Pratice Evidence Based Maternity Care

Hold safety & patient care in the highest regard

Thank you for supporting better options and best practices in maternity care for Hawaii’s Families!

Please forward all hard Copies to Deva Bott PO BOX 319 Pahoa HI, 96778 (808) 345-4733

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    1. The Word

      Devahuti Bott
      Petition Organizer

      Aloha friends,
      It's time to show the hospitals across the Hawaiian Islands our support in a positive transition to Collaborative Evidence Based Maternity Care. I am now asking all individuals and organizations who have been collecting signatures to send them to me now!! You can mail them or drop them off at 89 Liliuokalani Ln. Hilo HI, 96720. Please send them in ASAP!

      Also, due to some computer glitch, up to 400 signatures are no longer appearing on the petition. :( Please, ask your friends to sign again, even if they already have! Thank you for your support and diligence our efforts to improve birth and empower Hawaii's families.
      Much love,

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    • Darby Partner KAILUA-KONA, HI
      • about 1 year ago

      As a certified professional midwife in Hawaii, I stand for birthing mothers' rights. All babies deserve a gentle birth, a healthy birth, a safe birth.

    • Dr. Roni Kalani Kahu Sellmann NORTH KOHALA, HAWAII, GUAM
      • over 1 year ago

      It is very important to me as women have the right to birth their child in a warm safe enviornment without medical interventions if they so choose. It is important that they receive all the educational information such as "Cytotec which is used widely to soften the cervix, is not approved by the Federal Drug Administration nor the Pharmaceutical Company Seril who designed it for ulcers. The risk is over stimulation of the uterus and possible maternal and fetal death--one death has been too many! There is a special foundation set up for this very information as their daughter died in giving birth. Additionally Pitocin has been correlated with Autism--it may not be the single cause but when one looks at the data of the use of pitocin and the outcome of Autism it's scary. Families must have the birth they choose and also must have the full education in order to make better choices for the birth of their child. We have over 600,00 un-necessary ceaseran surgeries every year and the breastfeeding rate for 'belly births' (as they say in the PNW!!) is poor.

      Please in the interest of our Hawaiian children allow their parents the right to choose how they will give birth. We are not speaking here of high risk but of low risk or no risk.

    • Heidi Demers SUDBURY, ON, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      Allow the women of Hawaii to birth safely in the comfort of the setting they choose and with the provider they choose. Trust that they know how to make these decisions for themselves and their families.

    • Justin Avery HILO, AL
      • over 1 year ago

      The birthing process is an important thing.

    • Glenn Aanstoos HILO, HI
      • over 1 year ago

      if its not progress its regress


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