Billions of plastic fragments in the Mediterranean threaten marine life!
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Billions of plastic fragments in the Mediterranean threaten marine life!

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About 250 billion microscopic bits of plastic floating in the Mediterranean Sea, posing a threat to marine biodiversity, which reverberates in the food chain, experts estimate. The announcement was made by marine biologists from France and Belgium, which analyzed water samples collected in July on the coast of France, northern Italy and Spain at a depth of 10-15 cm.

"The rough estimates are that there are some 250 billion micro fragments throughout the Mediterranean, "explained François Galgani, the French Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer).The number corresponds to 4,371 tiny pieces of plastic - with average weight of 1.8 milligrams - found in the samples, "that exceed roughly 500 tons throughout the Mediterranean, " said Galgani.

Ninety percent of samples collected by volunteers from the Mediterranean in Danger Expedition (MED, its acronym in English) on a yacht of 17 meters, contained these fragments. Sampling covered only the surface and gave only a preliminary assessment. Future collections on the coast of Gibraltar, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sardinia and southern Italy will be made in 2011 for a more comprehensive analysis.

Small plastic fragments are a constant threat at sea, because the plankton are mixed, and then eaten by small fish that are eaten by larger predators, said the expedition Med. There is accumulating evidence of the damage this causes the greatest forms of marine life, including seals and turtles.

"The only solution is to contain the micro fragments the sources,” said the member of the Expedition MED, Dumontet Bruno.
The group is launching an online petition to demand the European Union (EU) to establish rules about the disposal and biodegradability of consumer goods.

As if the pollution caused by humans was not enough the Mediterranean Sea still suffers from invasive species, new arrival of tropical Atlantic species, uncontrolled tourism, shipping, overfishing and aquaculture.

Sign this petition and ask the European Union leaders to deal with this problem and clean up the Mediterranean Sea.

Tell them not to pollute more and clean up all this crap!

Photo Credit: Michael Blann/ Thinkstok

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      Jess Leber
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      If you think the Great Pacific Garbage patch is bad (which it is, despite recent news reports), just imagine all that trash smooshed into a nearly land-locked sea surrounded by even higher human population densities.
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    • Marianne de Zwart UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS
      • about 3 years ago

      The plastic pollution has invaded the Mediterranean Sea and is killing the ecosystem of this sea.

      It is urgently needed to clean the Mediterranean Sea from plastic and to let the ecosystem recover.

    • Lucy Overbeck BERLIN, GERMANY
      • about 3 years ago

      I saw a girl in a short video, she talked about the environment, the? She talked about OUR environment !

      I will not repeat the facts she told her audience, since those are 'facts' you do now all of them - of course...

      I'm just going to repeat one sentence she said, cause i think that's the thing you forgot :

      "If you don't know how to fix it

      then p l e a s e stop breaking it."

      This is no game. We are not able to begin again and there is nobody who might help us if we fail.

      The world is not about sway and money, those are not the things you look at and feel satisfied, those are none of the things you will be proud of if you take your dying breath.

      But health, your health and those of others, physical health and the mental health to recognize what's right, what's wrong, what's important to do and what's important not to do.

      I hope that in the end my time will come to do all of the important things,

      currently i'm afraid i can just refuse to do what's wrong,

      but you're already at the position to do the right things !

      Don't get lost in the wrong ones.

      Save our oceans,

      save our coasts,

      save us,

      from our own ignorance and destruction


    • xkgfynvgu xkgfynvgu WZIRHVSNKEIBMXS, WI
      • over 3 years ago

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