Save Historic Montgomery Hospital!
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Save Historic Montgomery Hospital!

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      Norristown Preservation Society

Norristown residents take pride in the unique historical architecture of our town. Montgomery Hospital--opened in 1939, with its vertical lines of blond and brown bricks, and its decorative brick patterns around the top floor--is a stunning example of Depression style Art Deco. In look, it's reminiscent of the residential hotels of the era in US Cities and on the Main Line. Norristown architects have assured us that the building is sound. The Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission has declared the site eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

However, the owner (Einstein) and developer (Elon of the Altman Group) have decided to demolish the hospital and replace it with wooden, 4-story senior housing. The demolition of such a large building so close to houses and business is dangerous and unnecessary. The success of Rittenhouse School as senior apartments proves that such a conversion of a historic building is not only viable but profitable.

Montgomery Hospital is a landmark -- an architectural asset to the community. Like Rittenhouse, Montgomery could be an "address" instead of just a place to live. Nothing that Elon could build there could compare. It would be like trying to replace a classic car with a 4-door sedan.

Norristown has lost too many of its architectural jewels. Residents are still regretting the loss of the Norris Theater and YWCA. Before we regret losing yet another landmark, please support the Norristown Preservation Society's campaign to save Montgomery Hospital by signing this petition.

Thank you.

Bill Caldwell, Norristown Council
Linda Christian, Norristown Council
Olivia Brady, Norristown Council
Derrick Perry, Norristown Council
Francis Vargas, Altman Group
Einstein, Einstein Healthcare
Marlon Millner, Councilman
Save Historic Montgomery Hospital!

Please don't allow the destruction of one of Norristown's architectural treasures. Senior housing would be enhanced by using the existing historical structure instead of tearing it down.

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    • richard ladson NORRISTOWN, PA
      • 20 days ago

      We need senior housing in Norristown, but it is not necessary to demolish existing historical buildings to do so.

      • 5 months ago

      It is a part of Norristown history, lets not delete were a lot of Norristown came from, this hospital

    • Denise Schaefer SHILLINGTON, PA
      • 5 months ago

      Its a Norristown icon, plus had 3 of my 6 babies there

    • Susan Juliano NORRISTOWN, PA
      • 5 months ago

      I gave birth to my two children at this hospital. Memories!!

    • Deborah Stead CONSHOHOCKEN, PA
      • 6 months ago

      Montgomery Hospital can be used for so many different things just like Scared Heart. The assisted living that used to reside at Scared Heart was Norristown's best kept secret, until it was shu down. Now lets do something great with this historic building and NOT keep it a secret!! Many great memories there!!


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