Urge Bill and Melinda Gates NOT to Support KFC in Africa!
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Urge Bill and Melinda Gates NOT to Support KFC in Africa!

    1. Paolo Augello Senior
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      Paolo Augello Senior

      Ottawa, Canada

Dear Bill and Melinda Gates, and Foundation Directors:
It has recently been reported by United Poultry Concerns that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has made aid donations enabling African farmers to grow soy for chicken feed for companies such as KFC. This is resulting in poorly bred birds, poor treatment of employees, as well as the export of intensive factory farming methods that are both harmful to humans and cruel to animals. Not to mention the health harms of bringing an Americanized diet to Africa (heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc.).
We, the undersigned, understand that there must be a better way to go about development in Africa, while supporting the small-scale farmer. With Bill's commitment and excitement surrounding meat alternatives, shouldn't the foundation channel funds so farmers can produce food directly for human consumption, without having to rely on animals as a middle phase? Whether it is helping farmers make their own tofu, set up their own veggie restaurant stalls, or setting up mass production facilities to produce affordable meat analogues, surely this would be better for Africa in the long-run. Exporting our fast-food model, and supporting this through soy production, may seem expedient, but this American model isn't working to make Americans healthy and it certainly won't work to make Africans healthy.
We call on you to find a more ethical and sustainable model to support true development in Africa.

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    • Jackie de Alarcón LIMA, PERU
      • 3 months ago

      Spanish: Fundación Gates te prohíbo que apoyes la KFC in Africa porque quieres destruir el planeta, ya todos tienen derecho a la paz de verdad.

      English: Gates Foundation, I forbid that supports to KFC in Africa because want destroy Earth, being that all living things should be treated with dignity and respect.

    • Karin McKenna CHESTERTON, IN
      • 4 months ago

      Mr.and Mrs. Gates: Surely your wealth has extended enough globally - must you add to the suffering of creatures? Empathy is a gift. Did that one evade you?

    • Natalie Jarnstedt GREENWICH, CT
      • 4 months ago

      Torture of animals cannot be justified by good deeds.

    • Faye Ran NYC, NY
      • 4 months ago

      cruelty to animals and poor treatment of employees is never acceptable and must be protested

    • Peggy Warren SHELTON, WA
      • 4 months ago

      We need to focus on plant based food options. Factory farming is killing our environment and us. Please DO NOT support KFC in Africa!


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