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Become an active participant in your local 501 Tech Club

    1. Deborah Elizabeth Finn
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      Deborah Elizabeth Finn

      Boston, MA

NTEN 501 Tech Clubs are informal local groups that meet regularly to get to know their colleagues, develop a professional support network, and talk shop. The groups usually meet in coffee shops, bars, or a member's office and talk about whatever is of interest to the group. 501 Tech Clubs also have an online space where they network by creating profiles, talking via a listserv, posting blog entries, and maintaining shared resources. All of these conversations are stored in the groups online space. It's easy to join your local 501 Tech Club - just look for the group closest to you, sign up and create your profile, and go to the next meeting. Below are our most active 501 Tech Clubs, but new ones are always forming. Check online for a full list, and if you don't see a group near you, then start one!

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