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become a literacy tutor for an adult.

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      Amanda Dunker

The U.S. Department of Education found that 22% of adults have what they called "Below Basic" literacy skills, meaning that they have no more than the simplest, most concrete abilities. Where I live and work, Chicago, there are neighborhoods where 50% of people are basically illiterate. It's no surprise that these neighborhoods are also the poorest - research suggests that 76% of people who need public assistence are illiterate or functionally illiterate. Tutoring someone in reading or math is a way to tangibly improve their lives. According to an Economic Impact Analysis conducted by AT Kearney in 1999, every $1 Literacy Volunteers spends as a national organization brings $33 in benefit to the economy. It's also fun! I teach adults math and computer skills for my day job, but it's time for me to also volunteer, just an hour or two a week...

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    • Adam Krause DES MOINES, IA
      • over 5 years ago

      Good idea. Maybe you could point us in the right direction with this pledge. Is there an organization you could put up a link to?

      • almost 6 years ago

      Initiated this Pledge!


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