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Be Positive

    1. Marta Nelson
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      Marta Nelson

      Lakewood, CO

Think positively, speak positively, dream, imagine and create positivity all around you. The more positive things that we fill our minds with, the more will come our way. 

Battle negativity with optimism, counter negative comments/thoughts with reason and a smile.

The power of attraction is incredible, if we speak and think negatively we are actively attracting the bad and negative, likewise if we think and speak positively we attract good things to our lives and the lives of those around us!

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    • james m nordlund FARGO, ND
      • over 5 years ago

      Hi. A few musings. Positivism is what optimists like to project, though, an optimist is just a pessimist hiding behind that mask of projections. It's far better to be a realist, with no need to project a rosy picture, no need for acceptance from, nor, control of, others; while not being negative, nor a cynic. For a realist is not only down to earth, focused, with natural ideation (the only thing stronger than an idea whose time has come), they're growing curiosity and desire to learn informs an unending need to perceive more accurately, and more, therefore, their perception isn't clouded by delusion, nor, many illusions. Having worked through any areas of fixation in their childhood development, somatically, and areas of arrested development, emotionally, they can, through an ever growing study of reality, which informs their ever growing studies of compassion, be here, now; ergo, be in real relation with evolving self, through determined unending insight, and, thereby, real relations with others, as well as allowing your self-actuation to enliven theirs, not to forget, with community at small and large, and an evolving universe.  Thanx for the thoughts.  'Bye.


    • Ismael Rodriguez OAKLAND PARK, FL
      • almost 6 years ago

      I used to have a very negative outlook on life. I am diagnosed with clinical depression. But with the help of others and some work on my part I've been able to reverse my negative thinking. Now I have a more realistic view of the world.

    • Suresh Fernando VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • about 6 years ago

      It is pretty obvious that this is where it all starts! If you can think positively all the time, you can make the changes that you need in your life.

    • t l MICHIGAN, MI
      • about 6 years ago

      Positive ....be positive .....yes.. cuz negativity will not change the situation, instead will make this only worse

    • Robert Redmon DAYTON, UNITED STATES
      • about 6 years ago

      I'm a very positive person, but why is the world so negative at times?


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