Be a Responsible, Passionate Volunteer

Be a Responsible, Passionate Volunteer

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It's easy to shrug off a volunteer position because sometimes it is easy to question the importance of your work or whether or not you're really needed. At Blossom we really need you!  When a volunteer tells us they will perform a certain job and they don't, we are left trying to somehow manage without which is both frustrating and has a negative impact on our organization.

Anyone can volunteer but being a great volunteer takes effort and awareness.  Dependability and passion for the cause are two traits all great volunteers have.  We rely on you, so many causes, individuals, animals, environments and organizations rely on you.

Thank you to the thousands of current responsible and passionate volunteers of all causes that enrich and sustain the best parts of our humanity.

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    • Ali Canada TULSA, OK
      • over 5 years ago

      I love helping others,I think this is my calling.


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