BBC: stop giving climate change deniers equal time
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BBC: stop giving climate change deniers equal time

    1. Amanda Root
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      Amanda Root

      London, ENG


BBC Trustees, Editorial Directors and others:

Your mission is to provide 'accurate, impartial and independent news'. By giving so much time to climate change deniers, such as the discredited geologist Bob Carter when the latest Intergovernmental Panel Report on Climate Change was released, you betray your mission. 

Please, BBC Policy-Makers, show your independence from vested interests.

It is known that many who are supposed 'experts' are funded by corporations to derail the debate (see UN Official Halldor Thorgeirsson's evidence on this).  

The BBC's guidelines are high-minded but, in the last instance, ambiguous and allow a variety of interpretations.  It is increasingly clear that coverage of climate change is primarily shaped by political considerations, not guidelines. We therefore ask that the political issues be clarified.  What Government and industry pressures are being put on the BBC to shape climate change policies?

Given the very often very bland and uncritical nature of climate change coverage, and the inconsistent interpretations of your own policies on this issue, please can you train all journalists so that they better understand the issues and can better critique policies and responses on this issue.

We look forward to your responses.




Chris Patten, Chairman of Trustees
Tony Hall, Director General and Editor in Chief
Danny Cohen, Controller BBC1 TV
Gwyneth Williams, Controller BBC Radio 4
Diane Coyle, Trustee
Sonita Alleyne, Trustee
Richard Ayre, Trustee
Anthony Fry, Trustee
Alison Hastings, Trustee
David Liddiment, Trustee
Bill Matthews, Trustee
Aideen McGinley, Trustee
Elan Closs Stephens, Trustee
Suzanna Taverne, Trustee
Lord Williams, Trustee
Liz Gibbons, Acting Editor, Newsnight
David Jordan, Head of Editorial Standards, BBC
To BBC Trustees: please stop giving time to climate change deniers and start raining all journalists so that they can grapple with the complexities of climate change polices.

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    1. Victory!

      Amanda Root
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you! We have won! The BBC has told its staff to stop giving undue time to climate change deniers. Thanks so much for your support. Without yours and others' time and energy this simply would not have happened.
      Best wishes

      BBC tells journalists to cut airtime for climate change deniers - Blue and Green Tomorrow

      BBC tells journalists to cut airtime for climate change deniers BBC journalists have been ordered to stop giving excessive airtime to unqualified critics of climate science for the sake of editorial balance, a new report from the organisation's governing body has revealed.

    2. Latest IPCC Report coverage: improved, could do better...

      Amanda Root
      Petition Organizer

      Many thanks for your help in putting pressure on the BBC to improve its coverage of climate change. The good news is that our and others' efforts have made a difference. Coverage of last week's IPCC Report featured no deniers! Hurrah! One maverick was interviewed on the 'Today' programme and then dropped as the day progressed. There was lots of talk of 'adaptation'. However, none of the journalists really explored what was meant by 'adapting': the term was presented as if it offers a solution. It seems that the BBC doesn't give specific climate change training to its news reporters, leaving many of them struggling to be critical when faced with climate change jargon such as 'adaptation'. Let's continue to put pressure the Beeb to train all its journalists about climate change, so that these important issues and policy responses can be adequately explored and critiqued. I will update the petition as necessary.
      Best wishes
      Amanda (Root)

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      • 6 months ago

      I have been dismayed at the BBC's coverage of climate change. It has lacked the impartiality, accuracy and balance I expect from the BBC. The Today programme has been particularly poor. Giving equal billing to deniers gives the public the impression that scientists are split roughly 50/ 50 when the reality is that 97% of scientist agree that man made climate change is happening and is dangerous.

    • Bobby Calvert HAWICK, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 10 months ago

      Why don't they realize climate change is here and now we need to find ways to slow it down for our children's future.So give more time to these debates not the ones funded by big corporation paid stooges who try to confuse the issue for profit driven motif .Our children and grandchildren deserve more for us than fake debates

    • andrew dooley FOLKESTONE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 12 months ago

      Climate change is caused by cows and sea.

      • about 1 year ago

      BBC - Please stop wasting time debating whether or not climate change exists, and start talking about strategies to mitigate and adapt to it.

      • about 1 year ago

      the BBC still doesn't understand that the 'climate consensus' is the current paradigm of climatology, just like the 'big bang' is the paradigm of cosmology, or evolution is a key paradigm of biology. The obsession with the idea of science as politics is ridiculous. Looking for 'brave mavaricks' who 'take on the establishment' leads to the dangerous disaster of the MMR 'controversy' where one person was able to 'debate' the issue to the point where vaccination rates fell, leaving an opening fer epidemics. The media have still not apologized for that.


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