BBC: Remove Steven Moffat from Doctor Who
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BBC: Remove Steven Moffat from Doctor Who

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This petition represents the voices of Doctor Who fans from across many nations. It is a testament to the genius of the show and to the revival efforts of Russell T. Davies that Doctor Who has attracted such a global fanbase.

We sign this petition to ask that the BBC remove Moffat from creative control.

We respect Steven Moffat as a person and as a professional, but we cannot abide the choices he has made during his time as lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who.

Under his watch:

-The fundamental philosophy of the show has shifted.

-The Doctor has been replaced by a doppelganger. This was once a relatable, empathic, pacifistic character who was willing to sacrifice himself for ordinary people. Now, he is two-dimensional, detached, violent, and has even been seen committing premeditated murder for the sake of revenge. We respect Matt Smith's brilliant acting while lamenting the creative director's bastardization of this beloved character.

-The presentation of female characters on the show has raised serious concerns among feminists and women in general. Many feelings have been hurt. Thousands of women have spoken up to express their upset, and Steven Moffat has dismissed them very rudely in the public sphere. Their experiences are not imaginary. Nor are they coincidental.

-Excessive liberties have been taken with the Doctor Who universe and its continuity, to the point of dramatically rewriting both Classic Who and the Russell T. Davies revival. While perfect continuity is impossible in a show about time travel, and each creative director reserves the right to leave his/her stamp on the show, fans feel that the excesses taken under Moffat's watch are of such a nature that they disrespect the history of the show and arrogantly magnify the importance of Moffat's contributions.

-The general quality of plots and character design has dropped significantly. Fans feel that the show's overarching plots, which are under Moffat's direction, are convoluted, poorly written, and presented in a hamfisted way. They also feel that the characters created under Moffat's watch are overly stereotyped, unrelatable, "tropey", and seriously lacking in both development and emotional depth. They are "quirky" and "cool" but wholly two-dimensional.

We realize that with the advantage of modern special effects, the employment of Matt Smith (who is a very attractive young man), and the self-generated advertisement of a show with such a large pre-existing fanbase, the BBC has gained more money and publicity from Moffat's version of Doctor Who than from any previous incarnation. However, we urge the BBC not to mistake this commercial success for creative success. Steven Moffat's version of this show has offended and alienated its pre-existing fanbase. The enjoyment derived by new fans who have no connection to previous incarnations of the show is not invalid, but we feel that the disconnect between these two fanbases shows that Moffat has not respected the Doctor Who legacy. He has instead created a show that could have and should have existed under a different name.

There is a magic and a beauty about Doctor Who that has allowed it to exist for 50 years. It has one of the most dedicated fanbases in history, with many viewers who have watched it since childhood, including Steven Moffat himself. That magic and that beauty is not present in Steven Moffat's incarnation. The "pop" appeal of Moffat's Who has caused a bubble of interest, but it lacks those unique ingredients that have given Doctor Who its unprecedented longevity.

For the sake of the show, please take Steven Moffat off the job.

Danny Cohen, Director, BBC Television
Lucy Adams, Director, HR
I have just signed an important petition on regarding the current creative management of Doctor Who. I, and many fans like me, politely ask that you consider removing Steven Moffat as lead writer and executive producer of the show.

You may access our petition here:

Thank you for your time.

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      • 2 months ago

      Moffat has ruined doctor who. Every female character has the same characteristics. Moffat is just a dirty old man wanting to play out his fantasies. Get him off!

    • jennie wolin ELGIN, IL
      • 2 months ago

      i wanted captian jack in the #50 and the master to return also he is way to sexist and racist to the point that it has offended some of my good friends

    • casey lea LAKE STATION, IN
      • 2 months ago

      I hate Moffat.

    • Khalid Aleem D, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 2 months ago

      Moffat ruined a once good show.

    • Jenny Lam AUSTRALIA
      • 2 months ago

      He's ruining a perfectly good story D:


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