Eliminate Cruel Foie Gras
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Eliminate Cruel Foie Gras

    1. Dana Portnoy
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      Dana Portnoy

      Oakland, United States

March 2012


On February 20th, I created a petition on change.org asking BayWolf Restaurant in Oakland, CA to remove cruel foie gras from their menu. BayWolf Restaurant was planning a Farewell to Foie Gras dinner on February 26th, with plans to host a similar dinner in April.

We organized a protest at BayWolf on Sunday, February 26th and I presented Larry Goldman, the owner of BayWolf, with our petition containing over 1,300 signatures asking them to remove cruel foie gras from their menu.

Four days later, we received an email from BayWolf announcing that they would no longer be serving cruel foie gras on their menu and had no future plans to host another foie gras dinner.  Thank you to everyone who signed and shared our petition.  We would not have had this victory without your support.  Thank you for taking action for the ducks that are tortured for this cruel delicacy.

For the ducks,

Dana Portnoy

BayWolf is holding a Farewell to Foie Gras dinner on February 26th (with plans for another dinner in April) featuring cruel and soon to be illegal foie gras--grossly enlarged liver from ducks force fed massive quantities of food to the point where they are sick and dying. (Photo is from APRL's 2011 animal cruelty investigation of Sonoma Foie Gras).

I have witnessed the horrors of Sonoma Foie Gras with my own eyes. The ducks at Sonoma Foie Gras are absolutely terrified of humans. The claim by chefs that they run up to be fed is pure nonsense. You could see pure terror in the eyes of the ducks upon the very sight of people. They toppled over each other in their pens to get as far back into the pens (and away from humans) as possible. There were ducks that could not get up and ducks that had difficulty standing, walking and breathing. All of the ducks were heavily panting, which is a sign of extreme stress. They were covered in fecal waste and regurgitated corn mash. There were dead ducks and ducks that were very close to death. There were trash cans filled with dead ducks, thrown away like garbage.

Duck is the centerpiece of the menu at the BayWolf. The Farewell to Foie Gras menu consists of Gougere with duck liver flan; salt and pepper-cured foie gras salad with escarole, walnuts and caramelized apples; foie gras ravioli with double duck consomme; and foie gras-stuffed duck breast with peas, greens and fava beans.

Please sign the petition urging BayWolf to rethink this dinner and its use of this barbaric product!

More information and a newly released video is posted at www.stopforcefeeding.com.

If you are in the SF Bay Area, please join us in protesting BayWolf on February 26th from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  More details can be found here.

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    • Sara Pemberton SUMMERVILLE, SC
      • over 2 years ago

      You demonic beings need to be shot!! You are a pathetic excuse for a human!! You are nothing but pathetic animal abusers! You do not deserve to be roaming this earth!!

      • over 2 years ago

      Animal abuse is just unacceptable.

    • Renee' Linton SAN DIEGO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because I am opposed to animal cruelty

    • marni montanez HILLSBORO, OR
      • over 2 years ago

      It's hard to believe that people can be so cruel and inhumane and lack compassion. That's why we need to be their conscience.

    • Christina Wilkinson BRISTOL, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am against cruelty to animals.


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