Ban the export of greyhounds from Australia to racetracks overseas
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Barnaby Joyce, Minister for Agriculture

Ban the export of greyhounds from Australia to racetracks overseas

    1. Sam Long
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      Sam Long

      newport, Australia

Every year hundreds of greyhounds are exported by Australian breeders to racetracks in Macau and mainland China where they face  mistreatment, abuse, and certain death. From New South Wales more than 110 were sent in just four months in the last year, most of whom were less than 2 years old.  The majority of these dogs went to a racetrack in Macau known as the Canidrome - the policy of the canidrome is to euthanase any dog that doesn't perform on the racetrack and almost 400 were killed last year because they weren't fast enough.  For dogs that end up here, death is inevitable - if they aren't injured on the racetrack, old age eventually means that they will be put down when they are too old to win.  

There is no safety net for these dogs.  There is no greyhound adoption program and no benevolent benefactor to rehome them.  These dogs are regarded as possessions that are often abused and mistreated, to be discarded when they are no longer useful.

Greyhounds Australasia, the peak industry body for greyhound racing, performed a review into the export of these dogs more than a year ago, and have been sitting on the results of that review for the past 12 months.  The industry has shown that it is not interested in the welfare of these dogs, only in the financial benefits they bring.  The only way to protect these dogs is to legislate against their export.  Surely the financial interests of a few is less important than the welfare of hundreds dogs?  Please help us stand up for these dogs.

Sam and Kylie


Barnaby Joyce, Minister for Agriculture
Ban the export of greyhounds from Australia to racetracks overseas

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    2. Our petition has hit the press....

      Sam Long
      Petition Organizer

      To everyone who has signed so far....

      After a week away Kylie and I have come back to nearly 22,000 signatures! What's more we've even made the news...

      We're so close to reaching 30,000 - and as soon as we get there we're going to try and arrange a meeting with Barnaby Joyce himself to deliver the petition. We've had advice from other people in the political sphere about how to make an impact and get this noticed - we really think we can do this. Keep sharing with your friends (facebook and otherwise) and tweeting. Let's get the law changed!!

      Sam and Kylie

      Save racing dogs | Werribee StarWerribee Star

      By XAVIER SMERDON A WERRIBEE vet's call for the Australian Government to stop a practice which has led to the death of almost 400 dogs has gone viral. Dr Sam Long created an online petition after learning that Australian greyhounds were being exported to China to race in substandard conditions, and that when they were unable to perform or if they became injured, they were being destroyed.

    3. Reached 20,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • 1 day ago

      This is essentially slavery in dog form, these dogs don't get a choice in the matter. Ban the export of the greyhounds and stop this slavery

    • michele haubtmann LE CANNET, FRANCE
      • 8 days ago

      Arretez cette cruaute envers les chiens!!!

      • 12 days ago

      Ban the export of greyhounds from Australia to racetracks overseas

    • Bev Leviston MONS, AUSTRALIA
      • 14 days ago

      No animal should be used like it has no feeling THEY DO

    • Lynn Harris BOUCHETTE, CANADA
      • 16 days ago

      I'm signing this petition because I strongly support this effort to ban the export of these dogs to a place where they will be abused.


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