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Bank Of America: Stop charging a $5 fee to cash bank of america business checks

    1. Ricardo Viveros
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      Ricardo Viveros

      Davis, CA

This petition is important because apart from making money on bad loans that Bank of America authorizes, other ridiculous $5 service fees that have been fought for and cancelled, Bank of America now looks to seize $5 from customers trying to cash Federal checks, State Checks and any other business check that uses Bank of America checks and banking services. In more simple words, if you receive a check issued by a local courthouse for performing Jury Duty services, and that check is issued by a Bank of America. Bank of America will charge you $5 indiscriminantly.
For people that depend on cashing checks for lack of a bank account, $5 is a large sum to pay. It could mean a day with no lunch, a week with no diapers, a month with no transportation money which could ramificate to other social problems/destruction.
Please help me and all Americans in petitioning Bank of America to stop charging $5 for cashing their own checks and Governmental checks intended for the struggling people of America and Americans performing civil duties such as Jury Duty.

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