Bank of America: Keep Liz Wootan and her tenants in their homes
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Bank of America: Keep Liz Wootan and her tenants in their homes

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      Elizabeth Wootan

      Brooklyn, NY

My husband and I own and rent a couple properties in Brooklyn, NY for middle-income families and individuals. We’ve always maintained a high standard for our units, taken excellent care of our properties, and hire locally when repairs are needed.

Once the recession hit, some of the units became harder to fill and our income started to decrease. We were only making enough off most of our units to cover the mortgage and utilities -- it didn't even cover repairs. To make ends meet, my husband and I did some side jobs to stay afloat, but it still wasn’t enough.

We sought a hardship modification of our loan, but the bank said they couldn't help us unless we missed three payments. We did what they asked -- and that's when they opened foreclosure proceedings.

Since then, we have written several letters to the bank – first Countrywide, now Bank of America – but both have lost or misplaced documents, miscalculated critical numbers within our case for modification, and otherwise denied any request for relief. 

We can’t even get a single point of contact to handle our case to ensure a fair and efficient loan modification process.

We’re trying to do right, but Bank of America is unwilling to bend. If they foreclose, it won't just be us out of a home -- it'll also mean that multiple affordable rental units will be handed over to the banks, and our current tenants will have to move out once their leases expire. 

We don’t want to raise rent on our tenants because we don’t feel that it’s fair to expect working-class folk to pay more when banks like Bank of America -- who crashed our economy in the first place -- are back to making record profits, handing out billions in bonuses, and paying $0 in taxes.

My husband and I grew up dirt poor and we’re trying to make a life for ourselves—nothing fancy, just comfortable. If Bank of America would just lower our interest rate by 1% we would be able to stay in our home.

Help us put pressure on Bank of America to do the right thing and allow us to stay in our home.

Please sign our petition.

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    • Deonca Williams JERSEY CITY, NJ
      • almost 2 years ago

      Typical Bank scam!

    • Joseph Simpson PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      There needs to be a national moratorium Stopping All Foreclosures until banks are legally bound to work with people. Home ownership is down in America and the economy will never get better without home owners.

    • Melissa Ellenburg EASLEY, SC
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because Wells Fargo did the same thing to me when my adjustable rate mortgage went into effect... and i was unemployeed. After 6 months of being 2 months late (upon their recomendation), they FINALLY did a loan modification at 8.25% interest and added 5 years to the loan! What they don't tell you is your credit score drops 150 points because you are doing what they ask. This causes you to not be able to refinance with anyone else for years so you are stuck paying the high interest rate and not be able to refinance or get any other kind of credit to help "re-build" your credit. They would not even give me a SECURED credit card (secured with my own money) to help rebuild my credit!! These banks are bullies & the credit score system sucks!!

    • Lisa St. Denis EAST LONGMEADOW, MA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because we currently have a bank of America home loan mortgage that needs to be refinanced, and a petition out there to help us and all we get is crap from them as well... so best of luck to u.

    • Robert R. Van Loon HOBART, IN
      • about 2 years ago

      Bank of America is the Tricky Dick of the robo sighning avent of this decade. Chase, and BofA are or were in cooperation. I believe they handed pertanent information about clients to one and other. To "bleed them down" To also get out of contracts. In the equity departments. After they had raised the intrest out of perportion. In either credit card. or home equity lines of credit. RVL.


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