Banfield, stop selling dangerous First Shield flea medication.
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Banfield, stop selling dangerous First Shield flea medication.

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      John Stern-Blackchurch

      Detroit, MI

A simple search online will see how many pets have been seriously harmed or killed by this extremely toxic medication, which Banfield sells through an arrangement with the manufacturer. When pets are seizing, throwing up, experience serious skin burns, lethargy and other severe allergic reactions, the vet techs act surprised and charge more for additional medications and treatments for pets with 'no guarantee' that the pets will make it. The organization and its techs are well aware that this is happening, with several class action lawsuits currently pending, but continue to sell it to people who believe a pet hospital would never knowingly harm their pet.

Flea medications are being sold by vets who do not understand how quickly it can kill a pet, what to do when the pet has a reaction and are making money off of a reaction they cause through utter lack of concern, lack of knowledge and not listening to pet owners. Banfield in particular is regularly dispensing First Shield without even seeing the animal it's to be used on. Pet owners are being led to believe these medications are safe, and are given no warnings regarding weight or first aid for a reaction. We are calling on Banfield as one of the largest pet hospital chains in the US to stop duping the public into thinking these medications are harmless to animals.

More info on flea medications:

Here's the personal story that spurred this petition:

When I left Florida, my friend Shawna adopted an outdoor cat who'd adopted my porch as her home. We called her Gypsy. This morning Shawna applied a flea medication called First Shield to Gypsy and had to rush her to her vet within 30 minutes of the original application. Her vet, Banfield Pet Hospital in Daytona Beach, FL - where she also purchased this medication, told her that Gypsy is having an allergic reaction to the medication. They're wanting to charge her upwards of $200 with no guarantee of how Gypsy will be afterwards or IF they can save her. 

She's having body tremors, seizing, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and a fever. Banfield offered to give her a sedative and cool baths and a $15 credit for the original purchase price of the medication - but for additional fees they could offer better care. They jokingly asked if Gypsy's medication was purchased at Wal-Mart, but when told it was their own medication causing this reaction, they stated that they've never before seen a reaction like this.

After a search on - we've seen that this product is hurting and/or killing pets all over the country and that it's only licensed to be sold within Banfield or Petsmart establishments. There are three class action lawsuits going on currently. Banfield is aware and is visibly doing nothing. 

Do your part, sign this petition, and send good thoughts Gypsy's way. She's an amazing baby, a member of a family that loves her, and should have a quality care provider that cares for her well-being more than their own bottom line. - Stephanie Allman

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    • Amy Covey PORT ORCHARD, WA
      • about 2 years ago

      This product caused my dog to vomit with in a half hr of application and my dog never throws up. I immediately bathed her and washed it of and in a few hrs she was okay. I now have a second dose sitting here... what a waste of money.

    • Lesley Goodyk KNOXVILLE, IA
      • over 2 years ago

      I worked there!

    • Amber Mcleroy HUNTSVILLE, AL
      • over 2 years ago

      I purchased this flea medication in a single does for my cat Tut and dog Sabina. I came home and put the medication in Sabina's bag on Sabina. The cat was outside and I did not apply his until the next day. I double checked the Rx label because the bottles for a cat and dog look the same. Within 24 hours my cat was panting, walking sideways, and having seizures. After taking him to the ER vet I was informed that Tut had received the dog's dose. After 3 days at the vet, muscle relaxers, antibiotics, and much worry he came home and survived. After talking with my vet he informed me that had I waited he would have died. I am disgusted that a vet would give a multi-pet home a medication for one animal that could kill the other. My animals share the same house, play together, and lick each other. It could have been ingested from the other animal. There was no warning other than Do not apply to cats. Which, being in the wrong bag with the wrong warning voids the warning. Also, there should have been a label stating toxic to other animals. This could have been avoided had the clinician paid attention and there were proper warning labels.

    • Amber von le Fort HOUSTON, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      This stuff is horrible, it needs to be taken off the market. For one of the Banfield employees to actually tell my friend that it will kill cats. My friend is going through a horrible reaction with her dog from this stuff, and your dr. could care less.

    • Angie Griesinger SPRING, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      My dog had a HORRIBLE reaction yesterday and was rushed to the 24 hr Emergency Vet! We are still not in the clear!! I have filed complaints today w/ Mfr, FTC & EPA, and have case #'s for each! Please get this stuff off the market!!


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