Ban unfair judging and corruption from our beloved sport.
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Secretary General of F.I.G.
André Gueisbuhler
President of F.I.G.
Bruno Grandi
event manager at FIG
Sylvie Martinet
President of the disciplinary commission of F.I.G.
Marc Schoenmaekers

Ban unfair judging and corruption from our beloved sport.

    1. Erik Moers
    2. Petition by

      Erik Moers

      Praag, Czech Republic

Because each gymnast has the right to a fair judging and correct scores
Because each judge must be able to do her work in a serious and honest way
Because justice is the oxygen that keeps our sport alive.

André Gueisbuhler, Secretary General of F.I.G.
Bruno Grandi, President of F.I.G.
Sylvie Martinet, event manager at FIG
Marc Schoenmaekers, President of the disciplinary commission of F.I.G.
Unfair judging is bringing damage to the gymnasts and their coaches. It is making bad reputation to the sport by which it will eventually loose all its credibility in the eyes of the media and the public.
If everybody, each on his own level and within his own responsibilities does not take action now, our sport going to be destroyed from inside.


Erik Moers

[Your name]

Recent signatures


    1. If you think

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      If you think looks are more important than scores,
      If you are convinced that all is OK now and the winds of change have blown away
      Cheating and corruption from the judges’ tables
      If you think the ranking does not matter, no matter how hard gymnasts are working
      If you are convinced that judging is OK and there is no more gossip in the ladies room,
      Meetings in hotel rooms and phone calls to agree on things
      Then do not sign this petition and live a happy life without taking any responsibility

      But if you know how thin the ice is and how easily people take back old habits
      If you realize that things are still going on but in a more refined way,
      When you finally find out that it is still business as usual
      Then it makes you mad and fills you with disappointment
      It is innate in the human nature to always look for the way of the least resistance to obtain a goal
      We need to adapt rules and regulations to encourage the brave ones that deliver a good job
      And find better ways to take out the corrupted intriguants that will never change

      Support this petition if you also strive for a clean sport
      A sport where all gymnasts are judged by the same rules no matter where they are coming from
      Do some talking with your friends, listen to the stories of gymnasts who know what is happening
      Let your voices be heard by the decision makers within FIG
      Let us support them in their efforts to make things better for the athletes
      Find a friend that also signs this petition and makes our voices sound louder

    2. Time for change has come

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Now I understand that times are hard.
      This won't be easy
      and the storm hasn't quite passed yet.
      Sometimes the skies look cloudy and dark
      You think the rains will never pass

      But here is what I understand,
      that as long as all of us are together
      as long as we are all committed,
      there is nothing we can't do.

      That is why we started up a petition saying yes we can.
      That is why we understood that black, white, Hispanic, Asian,
      young, old, rich or poor, it doesn't matter, we're all in this together
      That the destiny of RG will be shaped by us
      and this young generation that is out on the carpet,
      these young people in RG understand,
      that the clouds, these too will pass and that a brighter day will come.

      That is why we understood that if you are willing to work for it
      if you are willing to roll up your sleeves
      if you are willing to stand up and fight against cheating
      and talk to your friends, talk to your colleagues, make some phone calls
      do some organizing

      Then I guarantee you, we will beat unfairness, we will stop the cheating
      and all of us together, we will change judging and we will change RG

      May the best gymnast always be first and may all of them get a correct score ! (inspired by Barack Obama's speech)

    3. Safe and sound

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      A gymnast needs to feel safe and sound in the presence of her coach.

      Unfortunately it does not seem to be always the case:

      Let us always respect the integrity of the gymnast

      Behind the Scenes of Rhythmic Gymnastics - Safe and Sound

      Uploaded by SummertimeSadness on 2013-08-11.

    4. CORRECT

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Make judging:

      C omprehensible
      O bjective
      R ealistic
      R epeatable
      E xact
      C lear
      T rustworthy

    5. FIG must take the initiative now to prevent this from happening again

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      CAS has decided.

      Few have a small victory, all who love a fair and objective sport have lost, because

      - East German swimmers could not be proven guilty of cheating until the rules became stronger and the controls sharper,
      - Bulgarian weightlifters could not be proven guilty of cheating until the rules became stronger and the controls sharper,
      - American sprinters could not be proven guilty of cheating until the rules became stronger and the controls sharper,
      - Bicyclists could for long time not be proven guilty of cheating until the rules became stronger and the controls sharper,
      - Today judges in RG can not be proven guilty of cheating until ....

      FIG takes the initiative to make stronger rules and regulations for judges, judges evaluations, judges controls and judges disciplinary sanctions.

    6. Kiev case: Why the recidivists escape again with just a warning ?

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Sanctioned RG judges are:

      9 months ban:
      Ida Maria Pereira (POR, score inflation, bias towards own gymnasts)

      Written warning:
      -Ela Samofalov (ISR, bias towards own gymnast)
      -Alexandra Tuuli Mavrakis (FIN, bias towards own group)
      -Viktoria Anikina (RUS, giving impossible score for RUS group w/clubs in competition I)
      -Galina Marjina (LAT, giving impossible score for RUS group w/ribbons+balls in competition I)
      -Irina Berek (HUN, giving impossible score for RUS group w/ribbons+balls in competition I)
      -Bella Kobaladze (GEO, giving impossible score for RUS group w/ribbons+balls in competition I)
      -Xiaoqin Zhou (CHN), giving impossible score for RUS group w/ribbons+balls in competition I)

      Anikina, Berek, Kobaladze, Marjina and Samofalov were involved in the 2013 case when FIG opened a disciplinary.
      They signed the judges’ open letter against FIG afterwards.
      Marjina was banned after the 2000 Vitrichenko case at the ECh.
      Berek has a disciplinary case opened against her in Hungary...

    7. Every gymnast deserves a correct score !

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Lausanne (SUI), FIG Office, April 11, 2014: Following a comprehensive analysis and review of the judging at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Kiev (UKR) last August ..., the FIG formally commended a number of judges in letters issued to their national federations.

      Based on flaws found in judging by the Superior Jury for Rhythmic Gymnastics, a handful of judges have also been formally reprimanded for erroneous judging, or judging that favored a certain gymnast or country. Seven Rhythmic Gymnastics judges have been formally warned, while one other received a 9-month ban from judging at FIG events. Three other Rhythmic judges have received letters of commendation.

      FIG President Bruno Grandi (ITA). "Our technical committees spend a great deal of time and energy analyzing judges' scores to ensure that every athlete is assured a fair and unbiased score when they compete, now and in the future."

    8. Keep moving forward

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      To all those friends who believe in our just cause I say thank you. Let us keep on moving forward.

      We can not stand still now. We have to keep on opening people's eyes because man's memory is very short and many people prefer to stay blind instead of facing reality.

      Some petitioners brought tenths of signatures by putting our message on a forum. It really helps to reach more people. Many of them are not aware of what is happening behind the judges table. Sadly enough many do not care.

      Still a lot of people want to join us and are willing to put more weight to our request for more justice in our sport. Let us pick them up on our way to our goal. Let us keep on moving forward. Never give up !

      SydesJokes: Martin Luther King Jr Quote

      Check the SydesJokes Facebook page as well:

    9. 1000 times NO against unfair judging and corruption on our sport !

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends,

      Tonight at 11.26 pm we reached the number of 1000 petitioners.
      I want to share my deepest feelings of gratitude with all of you supporters.

      You stood up against injustice in our sport and you expressed your discontentment with the way things are happening today.
      I will take care that your voices will be heard by the decisionmakers at F.I.G.

      But tonight is not the end of a campaign against unfair judging. It is the first big step towards the necessary changes our sport needs to survive.
      The time of change has come.

      Today we proved that we can achieve what many thought we would never be capable of. More than 1000 people from all over the world said out loud "ban unfair judging and corruption from our beloved sport ! ".

      It is cristal clear that with your support we will succeed. It might take time and yes sometimes it will be tough. But it will be all worth it.

      Thank you so much !

    10. Reached 1,000 signatures
    11. Not a privilege of Rhythmic Gymnastics

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      What happened in the finals of women figure skating in Sochi was another sad example of how cheating and unfair judging is damaging the sport:

      Sochi 2014: Kim Yu Na & Adelina Sotnikova 2014 Sochi Olympics Figure Skating Controversy | HD

      "Sochi 2014": Adelina Sotnikova of Russia Wins Gold women's skating Sochi olympics Adelina VS Kim Yuna | Sotnikova WINS Gold Medal Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Adelina Sotnikova Sochi 2014 Adelina Sotnikova Wins Gold Women's Skating | HD Adelina Sotnikova - Free Skating - 2014 European Figure Skating Championships - Budabest Kim Yu Na & Adelina Sotnikova 2014 Sochi Olympics Figure Skating Controversy | HD Adelina Sotnikova of Russia Wins Sochi olympics was Yuna Kim robbed ?

    12. Reached 750 signatures
    13. The fever is gone but the illness remains

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      After 6 months of intensive investigation, hundreds of pages and tenths of interviews everybody finally understood that something was fundamentally wrong in our sport.

      New brevets were issued but old habits die hard. Basically nothing has changed. One is only more careful now. Credibility is completely gone.

      How do you prove knowledge of the COP when all the correct answers are given in advance ?

      Every federation has the lists of Q & A.
      Everybody should reach more than 90% for theory.

      Remains only the practice.
      In the exam you judge how you should, brevet follows and for the next 4 years nobody questions your competence anymore.
      A dream scenario for master manipulators.

      Do not rely on symptoms only. The illness called "cheating" is still there and can break out anytime anywhere.

      Stay alert !

    14. Unfair judging in gymnastics is like the weed that grows in your lawn.

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Unfair judging in gymnastics is like the weed that grows in your lawn.

      It comes in all forms and variations
      It infects it's complete surroundings
      It requires a lot of time and effort to fight it
      It keeps on coming back
      If you don't watch it will over-grow your whole garden

      In short, it is a perpetual struggle but it pays if you see results

      So it also goes in gymnastics.
      Stay attentive for this is a battle that is never finished


    15. Why do miracles only happen once ?

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Bravo Bruno Grandi,

      your indignation is shared by countless people with same opinion.
      Let us now try to prevent this kind of "miracles" in gymnastics !


    16. I have a dream

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      I still have a dream.

      I have a dream that our children will be able to do their sport freely and that they will not be judged by the country in which they are born or by the name of their coaches but by their true performance and skills.

      I have a dream today.

      That one day soon all our judges and officials will be able to say with new a meaning "I judge the routine not the gymnast"

      This is our hope. This is the faith we choose to believe in.

      If F.I.G. is to be a great federation, this must become apparent in every day's practice.

      Let justice and fair judging reign over all tournaments and championships
      But not only that, let justice and fair judging also reign in every competition, irrespective of size, level or place

      Let the sense of justice fill our heads and our hearts
      and let us proof over and over again that every gymnast deserves a fair evaluation and a correct score.

      Help to make the dream of today become the reality of tomorrow !

      Let us do this together !


    17. Stay alert !

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends

      in a bold but spasmodic attempt FIG has sought to organize the exams in Frankfurt under increased surveillance.
      This test has in a number of areas overtaken its goal.

      FIG clearly did not manage to separate the poachers of the foresters.

      If qualifications are based on 1 single test, a correct description of the competencies of the new jury members is no longer in accordance with reality.

      Some who could barely write a technical data sheet without errors, yes even being suspended in their own country because of biased judging were now certified as brevet 1, without sufficient experience on top of all.

      Jury members with many years of record, former FIG-experts and a very wide experience in World Championships and Olympic Games are in their certification 4 described as "inexperienced, novice members of the jury." !!
      This is not correct and even injustice!

      The attribution of competences on the basis of the results in Frankfurt is a serious error of judgement

    18. Unfair judging makes you an "ugly" person

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Unfair judging is like racism.
      The more you apply it the ugglier you become
      Do not let it come so far !!

      An Advertisement On Racism

      Want the secret to clear, vibrant skin? A controversial United Nations advertisement addressing racism. Disclaimer: OhayoTokyo does not own this advertisement. All credits should go to their respective owners.

    19. Clarification

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Let us make a few things clear for all our members and interested people:

      1. I have the greatest admiration for all the young women and girls sacrificing their youth with countless hours of hard training in full devotion to what is probably one of the most difficult gymnastics disciplines,

      2. I have deep respect for all those judges that try to make the best of it in the conviction that they gave fair scores to all gymnasts despite the fact they are under constant pressure of those who prefer to cheat,

      3. Not enough credit can be given to the coaches and choreographers that each time again know how to create masterpieces of routines that leave nobody untouched and make this sport as beautiful to watch as it is.

      Staying passive can be worse than doing something wrong !
      Let us make things better !


    20. Historical decision of FIG

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends, dear petitioners,

      FIG made a historical decision about the scandal during the courses in Bucharest, Moscow and Alicante.
      Following the latest developments, I am convinced that we must stay very alert.
      First steps are put to clean up ¨the mess¨of the last 25 years.
      Let us make sure it is done properly.
      I count on your support to multiply our number and encourage FIG to continue it's way to a clean(er) sport in the near future !


    21. Stay strong !

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends,

      I say goodbye to you now but I hope to meet you soon again somewhere somehow.

      I dedicate this song of passion and optimism to you all.
      I hope the feeling will catch you and make you take new courage to face the challenges ahead of us.

      Hope dies last and passion is the oxygen that keeps our dreams alive.

      Stay strong !


      Marco Borsato - Rood (Live @ Symphonica in Rosso)

      Marco Borsato zingt 'Rood' live tijdens een van de Symphonica in Rosso concerten, oktober/november 2006.

    22. This battle for justice will never end

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends,

      our petition has come to an end. We have reached our goal.
      FIG took notice of our indignation and read all the comments.

      However small our contribution may seem to some it was absolutely necessary to show that a lot of people in RG disagree with the way some judges and responsibles behave before and during big competitions.

      Old habits die hard and to get to the roots of this behaviour you need to dig deep. That is why the silent majority needed to wake up.
      Behind every signature there are at least 10 who were afraid to express themselves.

      Nobody wants to be excluded. But is it not just by behaving so unsportive that unfair people are creating their expulsion themselves?

      Cheating and corruption should never pay off. Lying in the public's eye can not stay unpunished.
      Sometimes it is enough to show to unfair judges that you know what they do and how to make them think twice.

      The rest is up to FIG.

      This battle for justice will never end.

    23. Our suggestions to F.I.G.

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends,

      Drastic changes will be needed to meet the challenges that await us.
      Unfair judging and corruption are stubborn diseases which have widespread for many years until some consider it as perfectly normal.

      To change this we need new and transparant rules and regulations that ensure the recruitment, training, guidance and evaluation of the international judges.

      I summarize the main suggestions you gave for F.I.G.:

      - make practical exam on routines under the new C.O.P.
      - do not give the questions in advance for the theoretical exam
      - prevent judges from communicating with eachother during competition
      - no anonymous scoring
      - highest national brevetholders should be allowed in int. courses
      (less influence of federations)
      - evaluation of judges done by FIG instead of TC
      - nominate FIG expert judges
      - all judges must be able to see their exam results
      - limit the number of brevets to the best ranking judges
      - every apparatus judged by different judges

      Thank you all !!

    24. Inspire FIG to make the changes !

      Erik Moers
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends,

      We have made our point and we were numerous to support the idea that drastic measures will have to be taken to ban unfair judging and cheating from RG. Our call was heard by the FIG and we received signs of their determination to solve the problem for once and for all.

      Small changes will not be enough anymore to deal with the existing problems in our sport. Fundamental changes are needed to face the future.

      Since this petition has reached its goal, it will finish on March 31st.
      The same moment all questionnaires sent to the judges are expected back in FIG.

      However we shall not rest and rely on others to fight for justice.
      The idea and the spirit of this petition will continue with our FB group to which you are all kindly invited

      On March 31st we will hand over to FIG a list with 10 possible steps to create a better RG with fair judging and correct results.

      I am sure that we can inspire FIG to make the changes !


    Reasons for signing

    • young soonchoi KOREA, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      • 11 days ago

      Ban unfair judging and corruption from our beloved sport.

    • Rik Dombrecht BELGIUM
      • 14 days ago

      I was President of the Belgian Gymnastics Federation and in spite of a lot of efforts I failed at that time to eliminate unfair judging. I hope finally the jury and the gymnasts will overcome this unfair behaviour.

    • roger legrand 부산광역시, 대한민국, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      I have loved R.G for years, but at the same time have seen many RG gymnastes who were disadvantaged by unfair judging system. In any sports, fairness is required and should be pursued.

    • KimHanna 서울특별시, 대한민국, JAPAN
      • about 1 month ago

      If all players have wanted some fair judgment.

    • youngsoonjeong SEOUL, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      • about 1 month ago

      Why is this impoTo protect our sports from unfair judging and corruption rtant to you? (Optional)


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