Ban the use of micro-fridges in AU Dorms
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Ban the use of micro-fridges in AU Dorms

    1. Natalie Apcar
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      Natalie Apcar

      washington, DC

 Most students who live on campus have refrigerators or micro-friges (refrigerator + freezer + microwave) in their dorms. The average refrigerator emits about 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, which contributes to the depletion of the Ozone layer and thus global warming. The average microwave emits 24-71 pounds of CO2 PER DAY. Imagine that number multiplied by each dorm room containing a micro-fridge. This amount of carbon dioxide gives AU a huge carbon footprint. We cannot ignore this.

 American University’s contract with Energy Star refrigerators expires in 3 years. This petition will serve to urge AU Housing and Dining not to resign that contract, and kick micro-fridges off campus.




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