Ban the Use of Arsenic in Chicken!
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Ban the Use of Arsenic in Chicken!

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It may be hard to believe, but over the last 60 years, arsenic has become a routine part of a chicken's diet. Originally it was used to treat intestinal disease in broiler chickens, but now it is added to feed to promote growth and improve meat pigmentation.

New scientific research reveals that arsenic in poultry feed poses significant risk for both human health and the environment.  It ends up in the chickens we eat as toxic inorganic arsenic and in soil and water via chicken litter that is used as fertilizer.

 Chronic exposure to arsenic is associated with increased risk for several kinds of cancer and can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as neurological problems in children.

The State of Maryland has a state bill that would implement a ban of this dangerous toxin and will be voting on it today.

Sign the petition below to stop the use of arsenic in chicken feed. We'll deliver it to MD's elected officials so they know that we want to stop the terrible practice of adding arsenic to our chicken.

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    2. No Need for Roxarsone

      Some poultry producers have voluntarily stopped using roxarsone, an arsenic-based feed additive, claiming that they just don't need it in order to keep chickens healthy. If they don't need it *and* this drug is unhealthy for people, why is it legal?

    3. Despite arsenic's health risks, no laws say that poultry producers can't feed their birds poisons

    4. Arsenic exposure has been linked to cancer, heart disease, neurological problems in children, and other health issues

    5. From CBS: FDA finds small amounts of arsenic in supermarket chicken

    6. Mother Jones covers the presence of arsenic in supermarket chicken

    7. Chronic arsenic exposure has been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and neurological problems

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    9. Arsenic in chicken not only harms human health, it pollutes the Chesapeake Bay

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