Ban the retail sales of puppies and kittens in Maine pet shops
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Ban the retail sales of puppies and kittens in Maine pet shops

    1. Lynne Fracassi
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      Lynne Fracassi

      Naples, ME

FACT: 99% of all pups and kittens sold by pet stores in Maine are supplied by puppy and kitten mills.
There are over 10,000 puppy mills in this country supplying our nations pet stores with over 1.5 million pups a year!
3-5 million homeless shelter pets are euthanized each and every year in this country.

More shelter animals would have a higher chance of getting adopted if Maine pet stores channeled them through the stores, where the public goes for their own pets needs.

It has been proven in many other states, such as New Mexico and California, that by selling pet supplies and adopting out shelter animals, their business has blossomed and kept a good profit margin.

In some communities, shelters have seen a 25 to 30% drop in surrenders to their shelters due to the ban of puppy mills and pet stores.

Some believe it is due to the cease of impulse buying of pups and kittens at pet stores!
A pup/kitten mill is a large scale breeding facility, which has one goal; to breed their dogs and cats for profit. With no concern for the animals veterinary needs, nutritional needs, sanitation or well being. More often than not, the parents of the pet store pup/kittens are forced to live in filthy tiny wire cages, with wire floors, without adequate ventilation, heat or cooling, and without any protection from the elements.
The parents of pet store pups/kittens are forced to have litters every single heat cycle (every six months) until their fertility wanes at the tender age of 7 or 8 years. At that time they are sold at horrific auctions, bludgeoned to death or tossed to the wayside.

Maine pet stores use Puppy Mill Brokers such as, Mid America Pets, Kathy Bosch, Hunte Corp., B&T Distributors, Martha Kibbe. Information obtained from the "Freedom of Information Act" via Animal Welfare, Augusta, Maine.

Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills has researched many of the breeders that supply the Maine pet stores. Many of those" breeders" are unliscensed by their State and un-liscensed by the USDA. Many of the "breeders" have horrendous USDA reports,( if liscensed by USDA) reporting "1-2 inches of fecal matter in all cages, plugged drainage systems preventing "run-off of fecal matter, urine and hair, no protection or barriers from outside elements, urine burns on breeding dogs, caged not large enough to comfortably house number of dogs".

The reports go on and on, investigates and reports the findings of the USDA and  some well known Maine pet stores

Let us get Maine out of the equation, let us stop the inhumane treatment of the dogs and cats in the mills by stopping the sales of their dogs offspring.

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      Lynne Fracassi
      Petition Organizer

      We will be bringing the signatures from this petition to our local Town meetings to propose our ban on the sales of pups/kittens in Maine pet shops! Thank you!

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    4. go to to look at USDA reports on mill breeders

      Lynne Fracassi
      Petition Organizer

      Reports of parvo, internal parasites, eye infections, heart disease, UTI infections, URI infections, pneumonia, skin infections in puppies from Maine pet stores.
      If you have bought a pup or kitten from one of the pet stores in Maine and have had problems, you may
      submit a complaint online at, they will contact the breeder, broker and USDA for info on your pup.

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    • Judith Hannum WATERVILLE, ME
      • 3 months ago

      Raising puppies and kittens for retail sale is horrible, we have to stop this NOW!!!

    • Althea Kennedy LISBON, ME
      • 8 months ago

      cause i love animals

    • Dawn Brooks PORTLAND, ME
      • 8 months ago

      I made the mistake of buying our sheltie in a pet store after 10 years of huge vet bills we had to put him down. He was born with a kidney disease from his parents being over bred. Never again. My heart breaks every time I think of these poor animals in mills.

    • Cheryl Trimpop LOVELL, ME
      • 8 months ago

      They purchased their puppies form mills. Not only it is hell for the adults until they are culled or just die of neglect. There is also no thought to improve the breeds by expanding the gene pool Rather they breed them indiscriminately often allowing fathers/daughers/siblings breed arbitrarily. That is why you see them with underbites, overbites, deaf, blind, and mentally unstable So, since the average person never gives these facts much if any thought, they by that cute puppy. Then, they find the cute puppy is a mess physically and often mentally. The physical issues typically cost the buyer hundreds of dollar to deal with and sometimes it's thousands. They do not realize that many of these problems will not surface for weeks, months and sometimes years. It needs to stop.

    • Jill Recla SEAL HARBOR, ME
      • 9 months ago

      The concept of puppy and kitten mills is cruel and unusual in itself - with the millions of homeless pets available in animal shelters there is absolutely NO REASON for the inhumane generation of more unwanted pets for the sole purpose of profit by Maine pet shops.


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