Ban kangaroo meat and products from Scotland
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Ban kangaroo meat and products from Scotland

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      Australian Wildlife Protection Council

The kangaroo killing industry in Australia is considered cruel and the biggest land wildlife slaughter on the planet. Scotland still imports kangaroo meat which as a direct result is responsible for the deaths of thousands of baby kangaroos.  Pouch young are bludgeoned to death after the mother is killed and young-at-foot will run off into the bush to face a fate of starvation or predation.

The only way that this trade will stop is if people stop buying the products, meat and sports footwear (made from the skin of the dead mother) and we are looking at Scotland to bring in a ban and lead the way.

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    • Sime Validzic NOVI ZAGREB, CROATIA
      • over 3 years ago

      I am coordinating the campaign against the commercial killing of kangaroos and other native wild animals in Croatia. The only restaurant that offered kangaroo meat in Croatia discontinued it in 2002 due to lack of demand.


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