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Ban animal live exports!

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Petition started by Occupy for Animals on September 7, 2012

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Over the past 30 years Australia’s live export industry has exported over 150 million animals to the Middle East – to countries where there are no laws to protect them from acts of cruelty. During this time, some 2.5 million have died en route. Animals Australia’s seven investigations in the Middle East since 2003 have revealed that these animals may well have been the fortunate ones. They have also revealed Australia’s live export industry’s culpability in the cruel treatment of all animals in the region.

A memorandum of understanding put in place after the Cormo Express disaster of 2003, where 6,000 sheep died, is meant to protect animals involved in the live export trade. But the new cases, including the most recent ones from September 2012, suggest procedures for animal welfare in the live export trade have failed.

In regard to the new shocking evidence of live export cruelty that has emerged when tens of thousands of sheep where stranded - rejected by Kuwait and Bahrain after they had been on board for weeks - even senator Lee Rhiannon said that the situation is unacceptable. "The memorandum of understanding now looks like worthless bits of paper," she said.

The 30,000 baby cows from Australia that had been slaughtered - after weeks of transportation in horrible conditions and after they had been stranded for weeks in the Red Sea port - by the Egyptian authorities after they had discovered what they described as a “hormonal capsules” in the animals - is just another very sad story to add to those of live export cruelty from Australia to the middle east and other places.

Evidence is mounting that Australian government regulations cannot protect animals from extreme suffering in the live export trade. The government's attempts to protect the welfare of Australian livestock are dependent on importers and exporters playing by the rules. They clearly cannot be trusted to do so.

With all the shocking evidence that has emerged over the last years, we believe that the point has been reached where the Australian government must do what the vast majority of Australians have been long calling on governments to do - and that is to end these cruel live exports once and for good.

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    • Sharon Anderson NEW CASTLE, DE
      • 20 days ago

      It's barbaric..& inhumane!!! How would they like 2 be treated that way??

    • marie lewis HARTLAND, ME
      • 22 days ago

      this sort of treatment to the animals is not to be tolerated. It is abuse and inhumane treatment of live feeling innocent animals, it must stop ASAP. It is morally wrong for anyone to make even agricultural animals suffer since they feel both fear and pain. Mankind needs to be above this type of abuse and cruelty.

    • Sandi Adams ELIZABETH, IN
      • 22 days ago

      No live animals should be shipped to foreigncountries. The confusion, the fear, the strange lanuage heightens the animals anxiety. This is about the cruelest cultural festival in the world as 100,000 animals are killed in this festival around the world, even in the US. Stop sending animals on the long journey to their death by cutting through their neck to bleed. They can feel everything as the spinal cord is not touched until they are beheaded after death. The lack of dignity and respect for these animsls is evident. The mocking of the bull by the young men, is so disgusting. This festival only desensitizes the boys to pain and suffering. Violence begets violence. They can offer money to celebrate Abraham, but they choose to buy the biggest bull or big young camel to sacrifice. Animal sacrifice belongs in the dark ages. Stop all animal live transport to any country.

    • Adela Meluzinova KRHOV, CZECH REPUBLIC
      • 23 days ago

      I love animals <3

    • Tereza Cihlářová BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC
      • 24 days ago

      I love animals <3


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