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Ban Animal Gas Chambers

stop the gassing and euthanasia of cats and dogs in shelters.

    1. Leonie Barnes
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      Leonie Barnes

      Santa Rosa, CA

any life has the right to live, just as we do. killing cats and dogs conveniently to keep the population down at the shelters, is not appropriate. lets rise above this. find a more humane way of these shelters to operate. i would hate to think that one of my family members was in this kind of danger because people could not find other accommodations for them. gassing or euthanasia, is not the answer. lets start putting in place, shelters that are big enough and can grow with a population of animals, accommodating them until they are adopted. please don't throw these precious lives away.

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    • Diana McCaleb HAMPSTEAD, MD
      • about 3 years ago

      Euthanasia IS killing no matter how you look at it & killing is an act of violence! TNR!


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