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Axe Body Products: Stop sexualizing women to sell products for men

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Axe is notorious for always embracing the concept of “sex sells” in their ads and commercials for their products. They have stooped so low as to portray women and men as body parts: boobs indicate women, hair indicate men. Axe needs to think up of another concept to use to sell their hair and body products. There is no reason why they have to sexualize women in order for them to sell products to men.

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    • Michelle Buechner BURNABY, CANADA
      • 12 months ago

      mother two girls who has a genetic history of being big breasted. ( starts at age 15 with size c and in the 40's gets closer to 34 H )

      I am tired of feeling depressed about myself and would like my girls to grow up happier. Everyone in my family gets breast reductions - not because of health - but because how we get treated. I can not hide how large my breasts are and I do get treated differently because of them. Please be more considerate. stop making me into boobs instead of a person.

    • Siva Nyanawati Sandrasagran JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA
      • 12 months ago

      Seriously, no. Only superficial people notice physical appearances first.

    • merissa gionet ST CATHARINES, CANADA
      • 12 months ago

      Implying that breasts are a women's most important feature is incredibly demeaning and offensive. There is much more to a woman that men find attractive, yet the opposite message is being sent to all viewers of this ad (which includes young girls - do you have a daughter? Do you only see boobs when you see your daughter? Do you want other men to only see boobs when they see your daughter? I certainly hope not)


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