awareness to parents-is it because of Poverty?

awareness to parents-is it because of Poverty?

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      Community Health, Housing and Social Education (CHHASE)

most of us are concern of child labor exist from poverty, illiteracy, migration, children Living in rural areas and poorest conditions are most likely to be engaged in child labor. Child labor laws have opened gates for Corruption in bureaucracy and increased Child labor number in many invisible sectors.

 In written records, the number of child labor May have reduced but physically, it is very High.

Apart from hazardous situation or conditions, they are everywhere and invisible, as domestic Servants, laborers in the fields of agriculture, in the dark rooms of prostitution, pick pocketing Etc.The poor parents feel children are their Only main assets and they have to earn for the home to fight for their daily needs.

Rural families in our region are seen children as assets, as extra wage earners-however, a child that works instead of going to school will perpetuate the cycle of poverty by growing into adult without an education.

 Child labor is an accepted socio-economic Reality in our area. Children work in helping in tea & snack bars, helping their families grow and sell vegetables, looking after their siblings, begging, rag picking, working as house maids and collies who carry shopping bags.

Child labor is accepted by society and perpetuated by traditional attitudes-entrenched notions of caste dictate that child from lower caste families are expected to work rather than go to school. Poverty and caste status are easy

Explanations for child labor-the truth is more complex, the children work because the schools around them are not affordable or because school is not stimulating. Child labor is a multi-faceted problem that must be addressed from every angle. Only when community begins to see child labor as a violation of child's right to development, health and education will child labor practice change.

I feel 3 " I "s are important factors to this cause.

1-IGNORANCE, the parent’s ignorance to the development of the child.

2-INNOCENCE, they follow the traditional ethics that their child should work to support families.

3-ILLIteracy, the down-trodden community members mostly not educated.

Whether it is because of poverty, ignorance, innocence, illiteracy and other causes, we the social worker, employer or in any capacity in society, we must raise voice and say "SEND THEM TO SCHOOL' instead of work. The community is having total responsibility of retaining them In school by participation.

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      • over 5 years ago

      Children are a gift - we as parents have a moral obligation to see that they receive the very best we can possibly offer them of love, caring, education, understanding and hope for a better world for them. Wars do dreadful things to children, some parents are guilty of selling their children and at the most tender of ages - these poor souls are made to do dreadful menial tasks in shocking places and need all the help and hope to bring them out of slavery and into a world of care and loving which is only what the deserve.

    • Joycey Berry CANTON, NC
      • over 5 years ago

      Thank you for making the pledge "awareness to parents-is it because of Poverty?"

    • Fight Hunger ITALY
      • over 5 years ago

      I think we need to add an "H" to the 3 "I" = "Hunger"

      Many parents send their children to work rather than to school to help feed the family.

      One of the solutions is to provide daily school meals to encourage parents to give their children an education as the UN World Food Programme does:

      The problem is particularly bad for female students...

      This pledge is greatly needed! Thank you.

    • John W. Knapp LINCOLN, NE
      • over 5 years ago

      I agree so much with what Sally said. It is not just India, but worldwide. We need to let children get some education. Furthermore, we need to let children be children. Children are not meant to work; yes they are meant to help around the house; but not punch in a time card and work 8 hours. Children are meant to play; be children, have fun. They also need to get an education so they can hopefully grow up and have a halfway decent job and excape poverty.

      • over 5 years ago

      This is a very important issue, not just in India but worldwide.  There are so many reasons why child labour still exists.  Poverty I think being the primary factor, as this leads to lack of education, this brings about ignorance, poor health because of lack of health care treatment and long standing traditions deeply entrenched within families & cultures which are difficult to change. These people should not have to force their children into child labour, but they have so little resources and money that they have adopted it as a way to survive.  It is a vicious circle and very difficult to break.  It has been a way of survival for so many families in poor countries for so long, that the parents see child labour as the only way to support their families and do not even realize that it is a violation of their childs rights.  They need help financially.  Perhaps the governments from the more affluent countries of the world should address this matter more seriously and wherever possible, especially where child labour is most prolific, should make a pledge to help these countries politically, educationally and financially.  There is no easy answer to such a complex issue, especially as the caste system is so deeply entrenched that their religious beliefs prevents their poorest people from escaping poverty.
      SALLY D.  


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