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Australian Racing Industry: racehorses aren't pet food -- create a levy to fund a horse welfare plan.

    1. Petition by

      Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses

*Warning: the video above contains graphic footage

The racing industry refers to these horses as "wastage". Each year, about 18,000 racehorses are shot and killed -- most of them bought by meat buyers and turned into pet food.

This is what the footage we took during Melbourne Cup week exposed: beautiful racehorses were being hoarded into cages not much bigger than the size of their own bodies -- and shot in the head. Some lay twitching and struggling until a final shot by the handler killed them. 

Thousands of horses are slaughtered each year like this -- simply because they've lost their 'profitability.'

Our spring carnival is internationally renowned. The nation stops on Melbourne Cup day to watch these majestic animals perform. But it's just unconscionable that this industry tries to portray itself as loving animals. And Racing Victoria knows it -- they've even suggested in the past they might introduce an owners levy to fund a new horse welfare plan. 

It's time the racing industry honours the responsibility they have to look after every animal for its entire life, not just while they're profiting off its talents.

Please watch the video. Share it with your friends. And sign our petition urging the racing industry to immediately commit to a levy to fund a horse welfare plan. 

Tell Racing Victoria to commit to addressing this issue this racing season: 



(03) 9258 4258


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    1. Reached 35,000 signatures
    2. Australian Racing Board declares retirement of racehorses a priority

      Just last week, the Australian Racing Board issued a media release, addressing issues within the racing industry. One of the topics was “retraining and retirement of racehorses” which the board acknowledged is a “vitally important area of horse welfare” and that they would invest “heavily.”

      Now that the racing industry has acknowledged this is a problem, they cannot possibly turn their backs on the thousands of racehorses killed at knackeries and abattoirs every year.

      Our job is to make sure that a solution is implemented, and not simply an announcement. Let's keep up the pressure! Visit http://www.horseracingkills.com to keep up to date on the campaign to end wastage.

      Horse Racing Kills.com | Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses | The website the racing industry doesn't want you to see

      I'm glad to announce that the 2012 jumps racing season has finally wound up with the running of the last race in Victoria at Coleraine on Sunday. Unfortunately, as we have seen in years gone by, there were casualties, and while this cruel sport continues, there will be more.

    3. Reached 17,500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Kellee Herrington POWHATAN, VA
      • about 5 hours ago

      how about we make dog food out of the owners and people who are in this entire industry. How can they even look in the mirror?

    • jenny Hillman AUSTRALIA
      • about 11 hours ago

      Because I want to believe that as a nation we are better than this!!!!! and because these animals can't speak for themselves

    • Leezeth Recana MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
      • about 14 hours ago

      No animal should be used for human entertainment or financial gain. Animals are not ours to use.

    • courtney simons AUSTRALIA
      • about 15 hours ago

      It needs to stop. They are living beings. We are blessed to have the beautiful horses on this planet. They bring us joy. Laughter sadness tears happiness. Show us real love. Become our bestfiend

      Horses didnt come into this earth to race for humans. Just because they didnt win doesnt mean there life ends there. There like humans just because were not good at one thing doesnt mean were not good at another. Them horses that you are killing. Someome could give them a great life. Better yet the horses can give others a better life..

      Horsed are beautiful animals every single one!

    • jacqueline ferrie PERTH, AUSTRALIA
      • 1 day ago

      Used and then discarded!!!!! yet if you see the horse owners at the race track they are dressed to the nines with the fancy hats and no knickers or class. I hope your families do the same to you when you are no longer of any value. What a classless bunch of greedy ugly people. No values or morals wtf...


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