Time’s up for door-to-door energy marketing
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Time’s up for door-to-door energy marketing

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      Consumer Action Law Centre

Being visited by salespeople at home can be an unnerving experience, particularly for the elderly and people living on their own. For others, having valuable time at home with family and friends interrupted by pushy salespeople is simply an unwelcome distraction.

At the Consumer Action Law Centre, we’re tired of hearing stories of salespeople taking advantage of vulnerable people, like Tammy's grandmother:

"I am writing in regards to my 80 year old grandmother. She has now been talked into signing up with 4 different power companies since December. All have been dearer than her original company!! She's now been hit with cancellation fees from these companies... These pushy door knockers should not be allowed to harass people like this especially the elderly!"

We have written to energy retailers asking them to voluntarily stop unsolicited high pressure door-to-door selling. So far, retailers have failed to agree to our request, though they have offered to meet with us to discuss the issues.  We would like to present them with further evidence about consumer views on door-to-door selling.

If you want to stop unwanted door-to-door selling, sign this petition to energy retailers, asking them to do the right thing and stop using this sales channel.

Consumer Action's national Do Not Knock campaign aims to put a stop to unwelcome, dishonest and intimidating door-to-door selling. Order a Do Not Knock sticker for yourself and your household or family at www.donotknock.org.au. You can also read the full results of our research into attitudes toward door-to-door selling.

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      • about 2 years ago

      My mother who is 80 has had 3 contracts since November, 2011. All of them we had to cancel as she was already on a contract. They all use the ploy "we can save you money" and this is enough to convince her as all they have heard over the last 12 months is how energy costs are going through the roof. All new contracts offerred were not cheaper than the original one she was on. This has left her very confused and family members very angry.

    • Brad Axiak AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Their 'foot in the door' approach is vulgar and timing infuriating - had enough of this invasion of personal space.

    • mo cushnie AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a mum and i am tired of individuals (and i feel for them as the door knockers) wanting access to my house to fit devices which are apparently approved by the govt! And, I have never been provided with a good reason as to why it can't be left with me to fit. More annoyingly it is people who want to read my electricity bill. When i ask if they can leave the information so i can contact the appropriate service provider, they refuse.

    • Michael Lucas AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      I am sick of the intrusion into my privacy and the outright lies told by door knockers.

      Always the same line - the door knocker introduces him or herself as being a represntitive of which ever company is carpet bombing the area that week, shows an ID card that has the company's logo (yet looks like it could have been knocked up at home with a printer and a cheap laminater), claims that they are 'just checking to see if you are on the 'correct tarriff', asks to see your bill, then proceed to hard sell you a plan when told "No, I'm not comfortable divulging that information to you". And the plan is never introduced as a plan initially, it always starts off as a 'collecting data on the street and as a bonus, an opportunity to save money if interested in changing providers.'

      All in all, if I'm polite and try to gently encourage them to leave, I lose anywhere up to 1/2 an hour of the time I could be spending relaxing with my family after a days work. If I'm rude and close the door on them I lose 5 minutes, but enfd the day feeling angry that someone couldn't respect my request to leave my house.

      An end to unsolicitated 'direct marketting' such as door knocking and telemarketing would probably ease some of the stress of modern life.

    • Bruce Barnhill AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      I am 76 years old and an executive member of our local National Seniors Branch. This is a cocern for many of our members who are mostly in my age group


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