Lift the Pit Bull ban in Denver/Aurora
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Lift the Pit Bull ban in Denver/Aurora

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      Houston, TX

Great news released in Ohio on May 22nd that reads:
"Ohio removes pit bulls from 'vicious' dogs list
Ohio state law labeled specific breeds, such as pit bulls, as 'vicious.' Now the law defines a dangerous dog based on behavior not breed."

This is the start of a new way of thinking. A mind state where the breed is not punished for a single owners choice to train his/her dog to fight, or neglect the dog to the point where its animal instincts take over causing frustration and agression. After all it is a dog right? Some think that banning the dog will solve bites and attacks in these areas but actually that is completely backwards.This argument can work just the same as on would argue for gun rights. Ban the guns and only the criminals have guns. Ban Pit Bulls and only the criminals have pit bulls leaving the vicious dogs still in banned areas and forcing responsible owners to move out of the city limits.

Instead of banning pit bulls outright there should be rules and conditions to owning ANY DOG

These conditions should include:
Having a completely fenced-in or walled-in yard in which the dog is kept, and from which it cannot escape.

The owner must not leave the dog tied up. It must have proper socialization and human interaction. This breed of dog should not be used to guard, for example, boat yards or warehouses because of the absence, in that role, of any meaningful socialization.

The dog must be neutered or spayed by the age of six months.

The owner must agree to inspections by animal welfare officers.

There is a saying that there is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner. That is more than a grain of truth in that, and dog owners must in the future be made to realize that they are liable for creating the conditions in which a dog is allowed to become aggressive, and liable for the damage the dog may cause.

Finally, Why is this important to EVERYONE and not just Colorado residents?
The answer is simple, Punish the deed and not the breed!

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    1. Decision-maker Cherylin Peniston responds:

      Cherylin Peniston

      Thanks to all my constituents who have contacted me about the pit bull issue. While I personally believe some dogs are more dangerous than others, I truly believe this is a local municipality issue and the heavy hand of state government...

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    3. Decision-maker Irene Aguilar responds:

      Irene Aguilar

      I agree with your sentiment. Colorado is a "local control" state and so you would need to write to your city councilperson to try to affect a change in these policies. Senator Aguilar

    4. Decision-maker Matt Jones responds:

      Matt Jones

      Thank you for contacting me about this issue. I hope the City of Denver takes another careful look at the ban.


      Representative Matt Jones
      House District 12
      ph: (303) 866-2920
      web: www.MattJon...

    5. Decision-maker Irene Aguilar responds:

      Irene Aguilar

      Thank you for contacting me and for your interest in the legislative process. Colorado is a local control state. What that means is that local governments have control over their own policies unless we feel their policies endanger the he...

    6. Decision-maker Morgan Carroll responds:

      Morgan Carroll

      I oppose breed-specific legislation. The State of Colorado does prohibit "vicious" dogs but does not ban Pit Bulls. My understanding is, however, that the City of Aurora has passed a breed-specific Pit Bull ban narrowly and it would be ...

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    • Alan Francisco SAN YSIDRO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Ineffective breed discrimination doesn't serve Aurora.

    • William Brazell CARTERSVILLE, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      I'm planning a move to the Denver metro but I know I won't be buying a house in Denver or Aurora because of my pit bull. I'll hit these cities where it hurts...home values.

    • Sara Eyre RAWLINS, WY
      • about 2 years ago

      Not everyone can raise every breed properly, and there are some that raise them to be weapons on purpose... These are choices the dogs do not make - People do. There are bad dogs, there are good dogs, just the same as people. Stop the band-aid "cure" for making people face the consequences of their own actions and give the loving pit back to their respective owners - No matter where they live.

    • chad collins GREENCASTLE, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      Pit bulls and rottweilers are wonderful dogs but often misused

    • ahmia scott LITTLETON, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      Pit bulls are great and the ban effects my non pits that have their cannine good citz. and are therapy dogs at nursing homes


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