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Aurelia, Iowa: Let Jim Sak Keep His Service Dog

    1. Katherine Davis
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      Katherine Davis

      Arcade, NY

Please read the following article to familiarize yourself with this issue: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/9566024-418/disabled-chicago-cop-denied-pit-bull-service-dog-launches-landmark-ada-lawsuit.html

Service animals provide necessary aid and comfort to disabled individuals, and as such are protected by the Americans for Disabilities Act.

Jim Sak is being denied access to his beloved Pit Bull-mix service dog, Snickers, due to ignorance and undue prejudice against the breed. 

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    1. Great News!

      Katherine Davis
      Petition Organizer

      Jim Sak was reunited with his dog, Snickers, by U.S. District Judge Mark W. Bennett. Thanks to all who signed this petition. Hopefully your overwhelming support will cause the Aurelia City Council to think twice before appealing this decision!

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      • over 2 years ago

      Hello, I am signing this petition late after the case has been decided in favor of the Retired CPD [Chicago Police Officer] and Retired Vietnam vet, after a Judge ruled in the Cops favor of allowing him to keep his service pet. For two reasons; the first reason is because it is the right thing to do, yes pit bulls can be an aggressive breed but as Wikipedia points out "For a century prior to the 1970s, pit bulls were revered in America as a symbol of strength and independence". Since then the US and America has in many respects become a nation of spoiled BRATS who if someone hurts and stubs their toe or says something negative about them at work or school, they cry like little babies and say stupid stuff like "My mommy or daddy is a lawyer I'm going to sue you". And this does NOT stop just in the k-12 education system, it continues into when these Generation Y and Z kids go onto entering the workforce.

      I'm sorry but my generation X or this officer’s generation, if someone made fun of you at work on the JOB or on the playground and "bullied you or you got bullied" you took charge of the situation or shrugged it off. Somewhere along the lines as a country, our courts have promoted a hyper litigious society that fuels an utter loss of RESPECT for one another. As a lawyer I am appalled at what this Nation has become, especially when I hear stories like this! I had a 3L JD student the other day I had to fire, simply because she would rather go out and get drunk at a bar, instead of doing the legal report she was assigned. Then she became hostile and abusive towards our staff. It's like; I understand if 2-3 times and you want to unwind after your studies and work. But when you lie and tell us you are sick and we do a search and see drunken pictures of you posted to facebook on several of the nights in question that sends the message you simply don't care.

      In summary, just like in the above cases I illustrated. It's NOT the case of the Pitt Bull breed, but the way the dog is handled and trained. Just like the fact; guns don't kill people, a person kill another person with the weapon [which just so happens to be a gun]. The same holds true in this case, if a Pitt Bull is aggressive and attacks a young child or adult that is the fault of the handler! And I absolutely agree that the dog should be put down. And the person responsible for training the dog SHOULD be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! Which is clearly not the case of this officer and Vietnam vet, who this dog has served him for many years and even if the city/state/town requires him to purchase an insurance policy for the animal, then so be it.

      • almost 3 years ago

      give a dip shit a dog or a gun they can both be lethal .. give the same dog and gun .to a respossible owner and its a hole diffrent story .. and besides little tiny dogs are liable to bite you than a big one get a clue people.

    • Kristin Wejrowski MILWAUKEE, WI
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am signing this petition because I know that dogs are the result of humans creating them and training them. A service dog is trained to be a loyal companion that is gentle and kind. They assist in any situation, without DISCRIMINATION as to what their owner looks like, be it age, race or gender. Why is it then, that dogs are being banned in communities? Because the people in the community are irresponsible. People should be banned from owning pets, since more "gentle" breeds (like toy dogs) bite people every year than pit bulls alone. However, these dogs "didn't mean to draw blood" and the incident goes unreported. Pit Bulls are safe family dogs and Snickers is protected under LAW, not a new ban that gets rid of her breed. Mr. Sak's has a remarkable animal that shows you that this is not a breed that is bad...it's an individual dog that is amazing.

    • Tina Toburen KIRKLAND, WA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Denying a Veteran his service dog is cruel and unusual punishment and should never be tolerated by True Americans.

      • almost 3 years ago

      A ban on any breed is intolerable. There should be a ban on breeding at the moment. Im all for adoption and see too many pit bull mixes in shelters.


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