STOP Supporting Rep. King who Supports Dogfighting or Lose US as Customers!
  • Petitioned Attention to All AT&T CEO's & Shareholders

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Attention to All AT&T CEO's & Shareholders

STOP Supporting Rep. King who Supports Dogfighting or Lose US as Customers!

    1. Andrea Wells
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      Andrea Wells

      Clearwater, FL

There exists a United States Congressman named Steven A. King who is a defender of (& proponent for) dogfighting. Not only is such activity barbaric + abjectly cruel but it is also a CRIME! Anyone (or any entity) who supports his bid for re-election is in support of his views by default. A current corporate sponsor of his campaign is AT&T.
Whereas there is a petition to bring about public awareness of his horrific pro-dogfighting stance... not many of us nationwide reside in his district in order that we may have our VOTES be the voice for these companion animal victims of dogfighting. See initial petition here:
Thus, we as customers across this nation must insist that AT&T publicly denounce support of King's candidacy as our consumer opinion en masse can act equally as the voice to protect those innocents which cannot proptect themselves. Proof of AT&T's fiscal support to King's campaign can be viewed via this link:
The aforementioned information has been well vetted (so to speak) so PLEASE sign it and share it and forward it to all of your cohorts. As citizen consumers we can all use our voices to protest this abomination to moral compass via this madman. Only IF this petition receives sufficient signatures will I be able to take the message to the Corporate CEO's and shareholders with a promise to withhold our customer base unless the immediately withdraw support for King. Whereas AT&T may (or may not) have known of Mr. King's stance at the time of remitting fiscal support for his campaign, they do now so they must take a stand and detract any/all support in the interest of common decency. More (incl. video of King discussing dogfighting can be found here:

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    • Dil Siri LAKE STEVENS, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      what a shame such a high profile person who ,people put trust , support this kind of barbaric ,horrible game .. this is not a game , its a act of coward people , who has serious issues in their life , who needs help , in brief i can put mentally ill .how can you have joy when a animal bleed to death or horribly injured ? who ever support or participate in this barbaric game is not a man . pls stop this , and impose maximum penalty .just like , it did to Michael Vick.. thank you.

    • susie field SEA ISLAND DRIVE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Cruelty to any animal is appalling and must be punishable law

    • Erika Baurick FAIRBANKS, AK
      • about 2 years ago

      This is disgusting what they do to these precious dogs, scarring their faces. This is abuse and should be against the law to have dog fighting rings. God (the Creator of heaven and earth) didn't create puppies to grow up to be dogs for this reason. He created them so we can love and nurture them. They can't voice their opinion on this matter, so let's be their voices.

    • Mark House MACHESNEY PARK, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      Steve Queen needs to get together with Michael Vickie. SO WE CAN HUNT THEM DOWN FASTER.

    • Rebecca Gayley SALEM, OR
      • about 2 years ago

      stop inhumane treatment of our animals!


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