Reinstate Netflix Party Mode
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Attention Microsoft, Sony, and Netflix

Reinstate Netflix Party Mode

    1. Devan Wright
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      Devan Wright

      Redding, CA

Attention Microsoft's Xbox, Sony's PLaystation, and Netflix.
Please bring back Party Mode.

It is an amazing connecting tool. Party Mode was a unique way to connect. Wether you wanted to have a virtual party or you wanted to connect with the special someone who is too far away. Movies and Television shows bring out an array of emotions and there is nothing better than sharing those emotions with others. All of the big time companies are looking for the best way to connect people, right? They are all trying to come up with the next big thing for social circles. Make this available and you will have the next big thing. People need to connect with each other. We have the need to cry, sing, and laugh with one another.

Bring back Party Mode and bring back the connection.

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