Use data plan for net neutrality not on highest app bidder
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Use data plan for net neutrality not on highest app bidder

    1. Sebhia Dibra
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      Sebhia Dibra

      Ridgewood, NY

Net neutrality advocates are beside themselves with outrage, and rightfully so, for this is a scene out of their worst nightmares. AT&T would be fostering an Internet that favors the highest bidder, rather than the best service. It’s exactly what the government’s net neutrality rules are designed to prevent, except not all the rules apply to wireless data, so AT&T can essentially do what it pleases.

To put this in real world terms, let’s say Hulu decides to pay AT&T for subscribers’ data use, but Netflix does not. Users will gravitate towards Hulu regardless of how its video selection compares with Netflix. New video services will have a harder time getting off the ground without paying the toll to get noticed. If you’re an app maker who wants to compete, you’ll have to pay.

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    • Thomas Albright ARVADA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      This would hurt small app developers.


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