Ask Your State to Cut Auto Emissions

    1. Mia Walker
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      Mia Walker

      Santa Barbara, CA

Our addiction to fossil fuels and the pollution they create are at the root of many of our most pressing health, economic, and environmental challenges. But in the face of these challenges, the federal government has offered no leadership or meaningful solutions. To fill the vacuum, individual states are taking steps to do what Washington has not.

Under Governor Schwarzenegger, California has enacted aggressive legislation to raise fuel standards and cut auto emissions. As California itself is the fifth largest economy in the world, these state level policies can have a real impact on a global scale. And now 11 other states have adopted the same standards. But the auto industry is fighting back and Washington is getting in the way.

Contact your governor and state legislators today to urge them to join this growing state movement. And if they already have, make sure they stand up to the special interests and federal bureacrats who want to undo this progress. If Washington can't come up with a national policy, then we'll have to meet these challenges state by state.

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