Ask your Senator to Vote Against Confirmation of Scott Gration as Ambassador to Kenya

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For the past two years, as Special Envoy to Sudan, Air Force Major General (ret.) Scott Gration has repeatedly made serious errors of judgment, spoken inaccurately about a range of issues, and has alienated the political leadership in South Sudan, along with civil society, rebel leaders and the humanitarian aid community working in Darfur.

Now, the Obama administration has nominated him to be the U.S. ambassador to Kenya. Such a post would give him an important role in U.S. anti-terrorism efforts and would impact a range of African countries. General Gration’s missteps, miscalculations, and disingenuousness during his tenure in Sudan, which are fully outlined in a recent article by Sudan expert Eric Reeves, make him unfit to be ambassador to Kenya. The Senate should vote decisively against his confirmation and further recommend that he no longer continue in his role in Sudan.



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    • Ricksrd Stanton FAIRBANKS, AK
      • over 3 years ago

      We are personally involved in Ethiopia and keep apprised of what happens in the horn of Africa.

      Please click on link "Artical" to the left by Eric Reeves.

      Thank you

      Rick Stanton

    • Cheryl Henry FAIRBANKS, AK
      • over 3 years ago

      We need qualified leadership in Africa, a volital matchbox. Scott Gration does not have the experience or the record to convince us he is the man for this job. The person appointed to this position will be resnonsible and affect not just Kenya which is the Hub for the horn, but there actions will affect americans and foreigners living and working throughout Africas Horn. We must have someone with experience and a proven track record in this position. Cheryl Henry.

      My family and I worked with a development and discipleship organization in both Ethiopia and Kenya for a number of years.

    • Cheryl Tatusko CANAL WINCHESTER, OH, OH
      • over 3 years ago

      Please we cannot afford to minimize human life because we are naive to the problems.

    • Mohammed Eisa CAMBRIDGE, MA
      • over 3 years ago

      i testified with Gration in the sane panel on senate froeign relation 4thmarch 2009 13 international organizations were ousted by Sudan,by this more than 60% of humanitarian power aws reduced ,he pledged to return the INGOs but miserably failed .he more divided darfur rebel groups complicating the peace process.during all his reignhe was never relible in his information to USA government when the situation continued inflaming he claimed that the situation is improving .he never confessed that UNAMIDis not able to protect any civilian,moves under protection of sudan government, thanks USA realizedthe dire situation to south sudan referendum reinforcing it with experinced staff to launch it.he is strong supporterto domestication plan of sudans government in darfur which opposed by all darfuris factions and its civil society.70% of Africas problems are concentrated in great lakes area and east africa ,this needs sombody with great experienceand knowledgeto make USA capable to intervine in the right time with the right plan .

    • Aurelia Castillo WESTMINSTER, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Obama Administration,

      Why would you knowingly put someone that is not qualified in this position? Please explain?


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